Robert Elwald migration 1305-1367

Basic migration starts around York, into Lancashire then up to the Hermitage Castle.

Northumbria DNA Danish map


It is felt that Elfwald is a form of the Danish Elgwald, meaning elk (moose) of the wood, but since there were not any elk (moose) the word elf was used, then the name reverted to Elwald of saint/king Elwald bones in Hexon Abby, Northumberland.


Above from Chronicles of The Armstrong, James Lewis Armstrong.

Only serious contention Arthur Eliott


Alanus Elwoldus of Bec 1248

Bec likely of Bec Abbeydale; Wakefield of which Holme is near.

Correction; Bec, is now referred to Beck Hall, Billingford, Norfolk; 3/6/2016

Bec moated (2)Bec moated (1)

Bec Norfolk in Billingford

Alan Robert Elwald Bec Oulton

Robert Elwald of Remyngton (Rimington, Lancashire) Alan his father, and Francis de Jarum, of Jarrow.  

Rimington surname

Rimington today is in Lancashire County of England, but in 1305, Robert Elwald was in West Riding (riding in Scandinavian means county) Yorkshire, the southwest county of the Anglo-Danish country of Northumbria, with in it’s northern region, an army outpost, an army tage, fort called Armitage, and today called The Hermitage Castle.


Jarum from Jarrow

It is found that the surname Elwald was not used on occassion in Liddesdale, but surnames were grouped by locality, and is is felt those of Elwald or to adopt the name Elwald were of small foresta around the Hermitage Castle. In areas referred to Shawis (of the wood), and Lawis (of the hill The Hermitage Hill).






Lawis Lawys 1376

Around 1328 it is found a Robert of Shawis, south of The Hermitage Castle.

Should be noted Lawes/Lawis was also referred to as Blakness;

Correction; Blackness Castle on east coast was used as a prison for Ellot, of the Lawis region. So Lawes is not Blakness,

Lawis is lands of Blakness

Elwald of Gorrenberry region




Around 1376 another Robert was found of Lawis.



Robert de Lawis is listed with the Croyser, Alan, Nixon and Armystrand (Armstrong), allies, so is is felt that Robert de (of) Lawis is Robert Elwald of Lawis.

Mark Elliott 12/2/2014


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