Gorrenberry lands

Did not find and exact map of Gorrenberry Lands, but mapping the lands which borders Laird of Gorrenberry should give a concept of where these lands are.

Billhope Liddesdale Dinley & Ginglanwalls Liddesdale Sundhope, Liddesdale map

This would give an approximate east, south and west boundaries of;

Pre Union land Elwald Ellot


Lands of Gorrenberry approx

Gorrenberry Lands approx sat




The following lands are felt they may have been acquired by the Bothwells from William Douglas of Cavers, then at the end of the Bothwell period ca 1593, acquisition of the lands of Braidlie, Schaw, and MacPritrikhope (Braidliehope), were obtained by Buccleuch, or Gorrenberry, but next door Gorrenberry lived on them. In 1607 when the Gorrenberry family; soldiers of the fort Armytage/Hermitage Castle took resettlement with the help of the Hamilton family in Fermanagh, Ulster, they lost their lands of Gorrenberry.

Correction’Lands of Braidlie,  Shawes (south of Hermitage, and Ade/Adam Ellot lived and Adam is a Boswell (Hepburn) name), and Mosspatrikswine (moss; upper valley, Patrick Hepburn; Boswell, swine; son of; meaning they upper valley is of the son of Boswell named Pritrick), now Briadliehope, were acqurired by  Boswell (Patrick Hepburn), and when Martin Ellot lived there and built no tower he was a tenant of Boswell, and lived there to protect The Hemitage Tower. Martin Ellot being a minor of Robert of Redheugh moved onto land, across the Liddell Water from Lariston on Redheugh, land at Prickenhaugh and their is where he built his tower.

It should been noted that Boswell lands of Braidley, Mosspatrikhope and Shaws about 1592 would be in question though Gorrenberry estate of William Ellot of Mosspatrikhope acquired them, from moving on to them. After The Union lands including the ancestral lands of William Elwald of Gorrenberry present on two occasions, at the acquisition of lands of Robert Elwald of the lands of Redheugh, Lariston, and Hartsgarth.

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It should be noted that Robert Elwald of Redheugh line, did acquire also land from William Douglas of the Barony of Cavers, but in the following these lands are of Tellile, and Caldcleuch.


Shows John Scot, a Buccleuch family Laird of Gorrenberry in the early seventeeth century.


On Gorrenberry Lands


Mark Elliott    1/30/2014

Gorrenberry Farm, Near Newcastleton,
Scottish Borders
Desk-Based Assessment
Report No. 1909

Archaeological sites on Gorrenberry land;

Arch Sites Gorreanberry



Gorrenberry Farm Arch sites


Gorrenberry Family Tree1

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