Cumbria; Elwold,Elwould,Elwood,Ellwood,Ellot

Ellwood Arms;

Ellwood, Elwood, of Elwald Elwold Elwould

Forebears map;



As one can see that Cumberland is a part of Cumbria.


Want to thank James V. Elliott who has done excellent work with the Border Reiver, Y-DNA Project for the following;




It is felt that these name migrated up from an area near the southeast coast where the Anglo-Saxons entered.


Given the following Elwood/Ellwood name distributions;

Ellwood-name-map Brampton

Ellwood-dist-1891-EnglandElwood-UK-distribution-mapEllwood surname distribution map

It is felt the wold, would, could be of a Yorkshire Wolds/Woulds influence.




Yorkshire Wolds
The Yorkshire Wolds are low hills in the counties of East Riding of Yorkshire and North Yorkshire in north-eastern England. The name also applies to the district in which the hills lie. Wikipedia



a :  a dense growth of trees usually greater in extent than a grove and smaller than a forest —often used in plural but singular or plural in construction.

It is felt wold and wood are independent entomology but near meaning and similar pronunciation it is felt that in El- that wold and would became wood.



Ellwood locality;

There are very few Ellwood in Scotland as compared to England so Ellwood should be considered an English name mainly of Cumbria-Cumberland.



Elkwold Ellwood

It is felt that  wold may be a low German version of wald meaning forest.


Coat of Arms for


Elwood-Ellwood crest



It is felt that the Elwood/Ellwood   Coat of Arms has York region origins.

Mark Elliott    12/15/2014

Alanus Elwoldus of Bec 1248

Johannes Eluald John Elwald Ulf of South Creake, Norfolk

Norfolk Suffolk

MSE 2/13/2015

The meaning keeps changing on me.

DSL wald wauld (1) DSL wald wauld (2) DSL wald wauld (3)


Would like to reiterated on such an excellent job James V. Elliott has done on Elliot variant DNA.

It is felt because of his work, that the Cumbria, Ellwood, came from around York, where the land was more moorland, open spaced. The name Elwold, and Elwould, where wold and would are for moorland. When they moved to Cumbria, the land became more wooded, and for living in these regions of wood, the name Ellwood, came dominate in the Cumbria region.

The name Elwald, is of the forest, but when the Elwald migrated from the Liddesdale region to around Shelkirk it is felt this area may have made a name change from Elwald to Elwauld and Ellot, where Ellot became popular in Liddesdale in the second half of the sixteenth century.

Elwauld Elwald Ellot, Shelkirk 1531-1541 Ulster Muster 1630

Mark Elliott    6/5/2015

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  1. james woollen says:

    interesting read i am related to the elwood family through my grandad s mother. i have been told by an elwood my grandads second cousin that they were descended from elwoods that lived around carlisle, and were one of the bigger families. i do know that one elwood my great great grandad was a farmer in northallerton in the 18th century.

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