Arthur Eliott; the inserted “i” in Ellot

Arthur Eliott clan chief of the Elliot Clan, in his writings 1972&86, showed confusion, of the inserted “i” into Ellot made the Scottish name Elliot. By using distribution and statistics, am going to show without question this is correct.


The introduction of an ‘i’ into the name ‘Ellot’ was, without doubt, unfortunate. It immediately confused the Clan with the well-known English Norman family of St. Germains, settled in the West Country and South Wales and in no way related, whose name was derived from ‘Alyot’. And it confused still further the already indeterminate origin of those whose name was spelt with two ‘Ls’ and two ‘Ts’.

The Elliots; The Storey of a Border Clann
A Genealogical History
by The Dowager Lady Eliott of Stobs and,
Sir Arthur Eliott, 11th Baronet of Stobs
Pub Seeley Service & Co Ltd 1974


St. Germains likely of William de Aliot, France. Eliot distribution in southern England;

Eliot 1881 surname distributionEliot-name-distribution-England-and-Wales-1891

Elliot world wide distribution and statistics (2)

As one can see the greater distribution of Eliot are in France, and if in the United Kingdom near St. Germains.


The inserted “i”, in which Elliot is shown to have a Scottish (Northumbria) distribution.

Elliot 1891 surname distributionElliot-Northumbria-distribution

Elliot 1881 surname distributionElliot-distribution-Northumbria

The above map shows the distribution of the Elliot from France, and the distribution of Elwald/Ellot with inserted “i” from Northern Germany-Denmark.

It should be noted that some of the Eliot/Elliot of the south, may have been living around the Ellot of the borders and about 1650 the Ellot adopted the name of these English Elliot, by inserting an”i”.


Eliot (3)Arthur Eliott Arthur-Eliott-i-insertion1 Eliot (3)Arthur Eliott




The introduction of the “I” into the Scottish “Ellot” in the middle of the 17th century, the name took on a similarity to “Elliot”, belonging to the English Norman family of St. Germans in Cornwall, whose crest was and elephant head and whose stem “Alyot”, was quite different than or own.


The history of the emigrations of Border Scots, after the suppression of the clan system in the Borders in the early 1600s, provides some distinct pointers to the distribution of our Clan today and, indeed, give reasonable grounds for supposing that, outside England and Wales, the great majority of those who today call themselves Elliotts ar of Scottish origin.

The Elliots; The Story of a Border Clan,  Arthur Eliott 1986 page 93



Arthur Eliott felt that outside the United Kingdom the Elliot/Elliott were mainly Scottish

This would be shown by the numbers and proportions of the name Elliot found in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Ireland, and the United States though it is felt that many Elliot, families added an extra “t” to the name Elliot about the time of the separation from England.

Because New Zealand, Australia, canada and Ireland were apart of the United Kingdom for a longer length of time this may be the reason of retention of the Elliot spelling of the name.


Eliot (3)

The Elliot distribution is a Northumbria/Northumberland distribution which indicates name origins are of this region.



The only serious contention would be a Elwold or Elwald, Northumbria christian name.

The only serious contention remaining, which is favoured by some modern historians, ascribes the surname to the fairly common old Northumbrian christian name of Elwold or Elwald. While convenient in its simplicity, evidence of the Clan’s connection is lacking and, with only two references to Elwald as a surname prior to 1400—in 1230 and 1357 (in Northumberland)—we have no way of testing the validity of this theory.

The Elliots; The Story of a Border Clan, Arthur Eliott 1986 page 87


About three and a half as many Eliot in the US as the UK, About twice as many Elliot in the US as the UK, and about three times as many Elliott in the US as the UK.


Mark Elliott     12/5/2014


It is felt that the surname were at their localities previously to the placement of the Scottish-English border ca 1320, and the border line divided these families and the families wanting to continue their family relations on both sides of the border is what created the reiver.

M Elliott   11/9/2014

Northumbria concept comparison;

Only serious contention Arthur Eliott

The only serious contention remaining, which is favoured by some modern historians, ascribes the surname to the fairly common old Northumbrian christain name of Elwold or Elwald.

The Elliots; The Story of a Border Clan, Arthur Eliott 1986




They Elliots (Elwald/Ellot) were ancient neighbors of Mangerton, and sprund, as did the Armstrongs, from Northumbria…….
Chronicles of the Armstrongs (1902), James Lewis Armstrong MD





Index to “THE BURGH COURT BOOK OF SELKIRK, Part Two: 1531-1541”; (published by the Scottish Record Society, 1969).



Easton SEE ALSO Eston; Estoun –
Edmiston, laird of – 188
Edmont, Thomas – 174
Edmont, Thome – 136, 191
Elliot SEE Ellot –
Ellot, Ade – 161
Ellot, Andrew – 178
Ellot, Dand – 175, 178
Ellot, Elizabeth, wife of David Davidson – 114
Ellot, George, in Lynden, age 32 years, married – 126
Ellot, Helen, married, age 30 – 160
Ellot, Ingrame – 141
Ellot, James – 156, 159
Ellot, James, age 35, single – 161
Ellot, James, in Lynden – 114
Ellot, Robert – 131
Ellot, Thomas – 113, 137
Ellot, Thome – 116, 117, 157, 160, 175, 190, 196, 197
Ellot, Villiem, in Lynden – 125
Ellot, Voll – 162, 166
Ellot, Voll, alias Voll the vowair – 155, 157, 160
Ellot, Volle – 115, 125, 126, 156, 160
Ellot, Volle, alias the vowar – 161
Ellot, Volle, otherwise called the vowar – 158
Ellot, Voll[e] – 115
Ellot, William – 156, 158, 160, 162
Ellot, William, brother of Elizabeth Ellot – 114
Ellot, William, in Lynden – 126
Ellot, Woll – 128, 129
Ellot, Wolle – 158
Ellvaild, Thome – 197
Elphinstone SEE ALSO Elphinstoun; Elphynstoun –
Elphinstoun, David – 141
Elphinstoun, William, spouse of Katherin Curll – 156
Elphynstoun, Dand – 150
Elvauld, Thome – 200
Elwald SEE ALSO Ellvaid; Elvauld; Elwauld –
Elwald, Thome – 202
Elwauld, Jhone [alias Johannes Gye] – 225
Elwauld, Jhone, alias Gy – 232
Elwauld, Jhone, alias Jhone Gy – 228
Elwauld, John – 228
Elwauld, John, alias Gy – 231
Elwauld, Thomas – 221, 231
Elwauld, Thome – 202, 210, 223
Eston, Jok – 179
Estoun, George – 170
Estoun, Jhone – 170
Estoun, John – 169, 180
Estoun, Jok – 138, 181
Estoun, Jok of – 170, 171

It should be noted in the above there is no Elliot indexed in the Burgh of Selkirk.



In the Ulster Muster 1630 the name Ellot dominates the single name of Elliot and the single name of Elliott, with no Eliot.

To search Ulster 1630 muster records;


Ulster Ellot muster 1630 (1)

Ulster Ellot muster 1630 (2)



Ulster Paul Elliot muster 1630



Ulster Adam Elliott muster 1630





1568-1585 York wills

So the above gives evidence in the region of old Northumbria, in the sixteenth century, Elwald/Ellot variants by far outnumber Eliot inserted “y/i” variants.


Mark Elliott 12/15/2014



Ellwand Ellwood

DSL Elwand Ellwand ellwand elwand


Stobs-Horsliehill arms-seal-shield;



Preceding shield;

Elwood/Ellwood shield;


Horleliehill of Gorrenberry shield;

Crest-Shield-Coat-Ellot-Ker (1)

Gorrenberry Horsliehill arms-seal-shield;


MSE 2/13/2016



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