Aliot to Eliot

Wm de Aliot

Wm de Aliot

One origins of Eliot is of the William de Aliot group. It has  been shown that the among the French/Normans surname origins is from a geographic location of that same name;

Aliot-Eliot (2)

Aliot gobal incidence low 112, but prevalence and density is France.

Aliot France

The above shows to localities which I found for the name Aliot, and one can see the density of the name Aliot is also high in the region.

Eliots in South England

On can see that the St. Germans Eliot has variants adding an l or t, and exchanging the i for a y.


The St. Germains, Eliots is mention in the old verse on the Eliot variants.

So Aliot goes to Eliot.

Aliot-Eliot (4)

Eliot gobal incidence low 4,r42, but prevalence and density is France.

Eliot of France

It is said Breton is an origin for Eliot.


Execellent article on subject;

Précis in English of paper sent to the Historical and Archeological Society of Brittany
Warriors and people of the Halegouët
Keith Elliot Hunter


Distribution shows that the name Eliot unlike Aliot is strong in both France and the United Kingdom.


Aliot name distribution


Aliot-Eliot (3)



Elliot surname distributin

Though from Aliot to Eliot shows an increase in numbers in the United Kingdom.

From Eliot to Elliot one can see both Breton France, and Danish/Swedish localities.


Eliot surname distribution

The past Elliot clan chief Arthur Eliot a second generation genealogist, following standards of GFS Elliot and others which have done large amount of research has found two origins of the name the William de Eliot of the St Germans Eliot is the one being covered in this write up.

Aliot-Elwald shows relation with another region.


St Germans Breton

One can see the localities of St German, and Breton, a see why the Aliot of Aliot, France migrated to Breton, France, and the Eliot of Breton, France migrated to the St German, England region.

Eliot distribution shows in southern England, in the nineteenth century.

Eliot-name-distribution-England-and-Wales-1891English Eliot distribution

The following article shows a method of correlation of Y-DNA to surname geographics to give geographic Y-DNA location previous to adoption of a surname.


Mark Elliott  1/14/2014





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