Alan Alani Allen Surname Migration

Though most of this work by writer is felt on it’s basis that the name Alan came from the Alan people is incorrect, does not mean that the Alan people had not influence my DNA.  This writing is a stab at thing to see what may show. MSE 4/1/2015

Could be previous to the making of Alan Elfwald, give a son name Alan of a father named Elfwald, like it is fairly standard among Scandinavians to take the father’s name as a surname the name then becomes Alan Elfwald;

Aldano filio Alfwald Alan son of Elfwald

Though there may be some Norman influence on the name becoming Allen from the people of Scandinavia Alan in England. It is felt the name in Scotland originated as Alan in England and stayed Alan in Scotland, though there likely was another introduction of the name Allen in England which the English Alan adopted, this is felt what happened to Ellot it accepted the English Elliot name.

Alanus Elfwold 1248 Norfolk

Norfolk Suffolk

The name Alanus Elfwold existed, in 1248 Bec, Northfolk, East Anglia, a combination of two personal names Alan and Elfwald, where Alan is also used as a surname.

Allen surname distribution map 1881

The name Alan migrates to Scotland, but in England Alan becomes the name Alan.

Alan is the father of a Robert Elwald of Rimington, Lancashire ca 1305.

Robert Elwald of Remington 1305 father Alan pledge of Jarum

Alani/Alan is found as a surname in Liddesdale in 1376;

Armystrand  Alani surname Liddesdale 1376

It is felt that the Alan family in the very north was part of border displacement during The Union of the Crowns ca 1610.

Alan surname distribution map 1881

Hope this may help the Alan/Allen families.

M Elliott    2/20/2015

Alan (Alani)/Alanus of Alanus Elfwald is felt to be an old personal name in which Alan the son of Elfwald became Alan Elfwald.

Alanus Elfwold 1248 Norfolk

Alan Elfwald is found in Bec, Norfolk, East Anglia in 1248, and Robert Elwald of Rimington, Lancashire is found to be the son of Alan, he has a pledge of the Anglo town of Jarrow.

Robert Elwald of Remington 1305 father Alan pledge of Jarum

In 1376 the name Alani is used as a surname in the Liddesdale region.

Croser-Loumane-Robert-de-Lawis-Alex-Armstrong-1376 Alani

In Scandinavian naming convention the surname is mainly taken from the personal name of the father, and at the time this Elfwald/Elwald line started it seem that Alan/Alani was and important family name.

It is felt that some people, like Christian, Scot, Elwald, Fairbairn, and Alani may have their names of given groups. Know someone named Willard Zuni, which is Zuni, of a indigenous American Nation sometimes referred to as tribe with it’s own language, the surname Alan/Alani, could have came from a people of Alan/Alani, with their own language, much in the same way Willard Zuni obtained his name.

It is felt that the pre-evolved name of the Scandinavian, Ellot/Elliot is Elwald, and in Germany the “l” was likely dropped giving an European surname distribution of;

Ewald (Elwald) surname distribution Europe

One can compare it with Alan distribution;

Alan surname distribution Europe

and a migration map of the Alan;


Alani_map question

along with my U106 Y-DNA;

U106 P311 M269 grouping

Dan Cluster DNA U106   S12025Dan Cluster DNA U106   S12025 Allen


As one can see that the Dan Ellot/Elwald U106, share U106 with the Allen family.

Alan/Alani question; are some M269 Y-DNA?

There is not enough information in which I can make the above conclusion, but may be others can utilize information about added to their own to make a more qualified conclusion.

plus the history;

Alans  Alani

Alan migration seem to travel north of the Black Sea, where M269 Y-DNA which produces U106 seems to travel south of the Black Sea.

MSE   3/5/2015

 ?; is there a link between the Anglos and Alans?

Anglo Alan

Anglo-Saxon Place Names in Eastern Europe


The Sceat of  King/Saint Ælfwald of Northumbria, one side is the Danish-Celtic oriented stag’s head the other side a Alans’ horse.

Sceat of Ælfwald of Northumbria


Minted in York near end of near end of eighth century.

An Ælfwald is also of East Anglia where the Latin from of the name Alan Elfwald; Alanus Elfwaldus, Bec, Norfolk, East Anglia 1248.

The stag’s head is spiritual to the Anglo, and the horse is spiritual to the Alans, thus maybe the name comes from in Scandinavian naming convention as Alan the son of Elfwald becomes previous to 1248; Alan Elfwald.

Basis of knowledge of the Alans culture now is quite low, and the further which is extrapolated back in time by me into European cultures the greater the errors.

The above is a rough theoretical extrapolation, it would be an honor  if one of a greater knowledge  basis, could utilize even one concept brought forth.  Do not at this time claim any correctness in above, but would be honored if others with cross referencing an a knowledge base can claim correctness in the above research.

Mark S. Elliott     3/5/2015

 Matching maps makes me wonder;

U106 M S Elliott matching maps;

MSE U106 marker maps (1)MSE U106 marker maps (2)

Other info;

Vandals, Alans and Sueves

Thuringii - Wikipedia

Ewald (Elwald) surname distribution Europe

MSE 3/5/2015

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  1. Gordon Bolton FitzAllan says:

    Alans & Sarmations were recruited by the Romans & settled along Hadrian’s wall as a buffer against raiding Picts. Many stayed when the Romans pulled out. Alans traveled under their own initiative and settled in large numbers in France. Alans & Romans defeated Atilla the Hun in a battle in France. You will find many place names in France like Alanville & you may still find some places where the Alans still speak an Iranian dialect. Alans came to Britain as a significant part of the Norman invasion. The first Steward of Scotland was a FitzAlan (Son of Alan) & founded the Stuart line of Royalty.

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