Sweet Milk

Sir Gilbert Elliot, is put in a good light, but Sweet Milk is not;

Sweet Milk   Stobs


Who could Sweet Milk be?

Sweet Milk seems to be one three people;

Sweet Milk


1. Hob (Robert) Ellot called Sweet Milk alias Great Leggis 1569.

Hob Ellot Sweet Milk Great Leggis

2. Gib (Gilbert) Ellott called Sweet Milk 1686-7.

Sweet Milk (1)

3. Dandie (Andrew) Ellot is highly referenced as Sweet Milk ca 1600.

The following shows that Dandie Ellot ca 1600 is strongly tied to Sir Walter Scott; Banxholm/Buccleuch.

Dandie Ellot Sweet Milk by Sir Walter's men


Dandie Ellot called Sweet Milk, all Sir Walter's men

Dandie Ellot follower of the Laird of Branxholm




4.  William Ellot of the Barony of Cavers 1623;

Sweet Milk (2)



Horseleyhill family names;

Though no-buddy knows who “Sweet Milk” is felt that as series of Ellot  marauders  were referred as “Sweet Milk”. It could just have been the a young Ellot marauder for the Branxholm/Buccleuch family from the Horseleyhill family who was considered “Sweet (likely young at the time)” for his generation was considered “Sweet” was for his generation referred to as “Sweet Milk”.

1. Hob 1569       2. Gib 1586-7      3. Dan 1600 and     4. Wm 1623


Dandie Ellot who was called “Sweet Milk” and rode for Branxholm/Buccleuch is felt to be the Dandie/Daniel Ellot bannished from both kingdoms.

Braidlie 1607 banished from both kingdoms.


It is felt that Dandie Ellot; Sweet Milk is who fought for Sir Walter Scott; Branxholm/Buccleuch is the one most likely in 1607 to be banished from both kingdoms.

Mark Elliott     1/1/2015


Border minstrels, called;

Rattling Roaring Willie

Now Willie’s gane to Jeddart,
And he’s for the rood-day;
But Stobs and young Falsnash
They follow’d him a’ the way;
They follow’d him a’ the way,
They sought him up and down,
In the links of Ousenam water
They found him sleeping sound.
“Stobs light aff his horse,
And never a word he spak,
Till he tied Willie’s hands
Fu’ fast behind his back,
Fu’ fast behind his back,
And down beneath his knee,
And drink will be dear to Willie,
When sweet milk gars him die.
“Ah wae light on ye, Stobs!
An ill death mot ye die;
Ye’re the first and foremost man
That e’er laid hands on me;
That e’er laid hands on me,
And took my mare me frae:
Wae to you, Sir Gilbert Elliot!
Ye are my mortal fae!
“The lasses of Ouseman water
Are rugging and riving their hair,
And a’ for the sake of Willie,
His beauty was so fair:
His beauty was so fair,
And comely for to see,
And drink will be dear to Willie,
When sweet milk gars him die.”


Sweet Mike; means whole milk, as opposed to buttermilk.

With whole mike as in bottle below creme floats to top, the kind of milk the milkman use to deliver when I was young.



MSE   1/2/2015

Robin is a name utilized by the clan chief family of The Elliot Clan only. The name Eliott is used by Stobs.

So the name Robin Eliott, 1620, is of the clan chief family which is of Stobs in 1620, after The Union of the Crowns.

Robin Eliott  Sweet Milk 1620.

Robin Eliott Ellot Stobs Sweet Milk



Sweet milk is of Stobs, Stobs of Baillillie, Baillillie of Horseleyhill, Horseleyhill is of Gorrenberry.

Gilbert was born of Redheugh, and that is why Redheugh, and Stobs utilized a shield with and elwand (rod an Edinburgh el/ell/eln in length) on it, but his parentage is of Horselyhill/Baillillie and Stob, for father, and of Buccleuch for mother. Gilbert was also married in to the Scott family. So being of born of Redheugh, parentage of Gorrenberry/Horseleyhill and mother’s side strongly Buccleuch, and Scott, this was the beginning at The Union of the Crown, when other members of the Redheugh (Martin), Gorrenberry (Andrew) and Scott resettled because of banishment from the borders on to Ulster with the Gorrenberry/Horseleyhill family having help from the Hamiltons, and the Martin Ellot Redheugh family seems to have help from the long allied Hume of family to the same region of Fermanagh, County in the Ulster Plantation.


Sweet Milk likely was a nickname to the Ellot family (Gorrenberry/Horseleyhill origins) likely from the Branxholm/Buccleuch family they rode with. This was because of the need for land the of the Buccleuch, and Gledstanes in the north near Branxholm, and Stobs and south of Hawick.

Mark Elliott    1/9/2015


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