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Elliott  Elliot Eliot name stats

1881 23.2% of Elliot + Elliott is Elliot 1998 11.3% of Elliot + Elliott is Elliot.

The percent of people of the names Elliot & Elliott with the name Elliot has dropped from 23.2% in 1881 to 11.3% in 1998, this is felt that an t  has been added to Eliot to make Elliott.

There are more than 150 Elliott to each Eliot.


Though small in number the Eliot show they are likely from France;

Eliot European distribution

The Eliot name also shows and English distribution;

Eliot surname distribution map


Elliot is a much larger number and they are shown as coming from Denmark (Sweden) and France (Spain).

Elliot surname European surname distribution

The name Elliot is shown to be Scottish;

Eliot surname distribution map


Elliott shows it does not have European origins, and is felt to come from adding an l and t to Eliot or just adding a t to Elliot within Great Britain.

Elliott European surname distribution

Elliott shows it is both Scottish and English, within the British Isles.

Elliott surname distrib

Elliot surname distribution stats      Elliott surname distribution

It is felt that the Elliott of Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, United States and Ireland are of the Scottish Elliot (Ellot) name and not of the English Eliot name. Their name became Elliott by Elliot+t.

Ireland of Elliot&Elliott have the greatest percent of Elliot, these are felt to be Ulster, Scots.  New Zealand, besides the Ulster Plantation is next highest, and the United States given it’s separation from England the earliest, and not needing to distinguish themselves as Scottish Elliot for the longest length of time has the lowest percent of Elliot.

Mark Elliott    10/29/2015

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