Chiefs Kerr & Elliot, Duke of Roxburghe NBW NBWP

Cheifs of Clan Kerr (Ferniehirst), Clan Elliot (Redheugh), and Duke of Roxburghe (Cessford) are all linked to North British Windpower NBW (North British Wind Power NBWP).

If they are not against the Windy Edge (Hermitage Castle) wind farm, then they are for the destruction of the greatest symbol, to border people still on the Scottish Borders, and in the Plantations of Australia, Barbados, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, United States and others through out the world.

The Hermitage Action GroupClan Armstrong TrustBuccleuch Estates, and many others are oppose to this destruction of heritage.

The proposed Windy Edge (Hermitage Castle) wind farm is now in appeal;


The Duke of Northumberland, and the Duke of Buccleuch are border heros, in preserving Scottish Border Heritage;

Duke of Northumberland: an unlikely hero in the fight against wind farms

Ralph Percy, the 12th Duke of Northumberland, has emerged as the unlikely people’s hero in the fight against wind farms spreading across Britain.

By Robert Mendick and Edward Malnick6:24PM BST 20 Aug 2011

His stance on wind farms is in stark contrast to his northern neighbour, the Duke of Roxburghe, who runs an adjacent estate
across the border in Scotland, and who stands to make tens of millions of pounds from a 48 turbine Fallago Rig development in
the Lammermuir Hills.

Duke of Buccleuch family has been preserving, and renovating, The Hermitage Castle for centuries, and this century is no different.


So the Dukes on both sides of the Scottish border Buccleuch and Northumberland are promoting it’s preservation.

North British Windpower NBW (North British Wind Power NBWP), has and aristocratic line which opposes preservation of the borderlands. These have been traditional enemies in the past and try to be covert enemies today;NBW Roxburghe chiefs Kerr Elliot

North British Windpower NBW (North British Wind Power NBWP) has it’s own aristocratic pedigee;

Duke of Roxburgh (Cessford -Ker), Chief of the Scottish Kerr Clan (Ferniehirst), and the Scottish Elliot Clan (Redheugh).

Christopher Wilkins is the second husband to the Clan Elliot chief, and excutive of North British Windpower NBW lives at Redheugh.

Companies NBW Redheugh Christopher Wilkens

NBW Redheugh


NBW Chistopher Wilkins MI6

MAPS OF Hermitage Castle (Windy Edge) region;








1484 Walter Scot of Edshaw (son of David) Scot, Rudolph and his brother Walter Ker of Cessford also William Elwald of Gorrenberry, likely younger brother Robert Elwald who’s becoming of Redheugh, Over and Nether Larriston. 

It is this Gorrenberry land of William Elwald which the wind farm is affecting.

Gorrenberry is represent by the William Ellot of Horsleyhill, and York Elwood shield;


Which is in reference to and elk-head and antlers which represents the Elwald Elliot (Chronicles of the Armstrong ed James L. Armstrong)

elk of forest

The Windy Edge (Hermitage Castle) wind farm, is a region of forested groves, in 1376, with a people called Elwald; people of these groves, much like the people in Scotland are called Scots.


Which some of the people called Scots took the surname Scot, some of the people by 1540 of this region took the surname Elwald, which became Ellot ca1550 and about a century latter ca1650 took the surname Elliot which today the ancestors of these people still with high concentrations in the Caslteton Parish and Hawick have the name Elliot.


The Duke of Buccleuch, and the Armstrongs, along with many other of the border clan like Philip Kerr which chair opposition to the Chesters another Infinis planned wind farm.

MSE   12/22/2015



The above gets support form North British Windpower NBW (North British Wind Power); NBW Cessford -Ker (Duke of Roxburgh), NBW Redheugh MI6NBW (Clan Elliot Chief), NBW Ferniehirst (Clan Kerr Chief).

MSE 12/23/2015

The Greatest Symbol Today for Global Scots is the Hermitage Castle;

Hermitage Castle

Global Scots of Hermitage Castle lands

It has been shown a pattern of appeal at Fallogo Rig with support of Redheugh (Elliot Chief), Ferniehirst (Kerr Chief), and Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe), that the Scottish Government can be persuaded to support industrial electrical wind turbine encroachment like at The Hermitage Castle deception calls Windy Edge to destroy border heritage

Fallago Rig Scottish Border Council Government Duke of Roxburgh

As in above it shows the Scottish Government going against their border constituency, in the appeal, a pattern they have already set for themselves with Falago Rig of North British Windpower NBW, which must of given them great pride.

Redheugh if not defending The Hermitage Castle, like their heritage has shown them to do, are traitors to their own past.
The Kerr of Cessford (Duke of Roxburgh), and Ferniehirst (Kerr Clan Chief) have feuded with Buccleuch, and in this feud there are no Kerr followers because it destroys a symbol of Scotts, Kerrs, Elliot, Armstrong, Crozier, Nixon, and many other border families displaced in English Plantations, Ulster and around the world. Besides Buccleuch is married to a Kerr, and a Philip Kerr, Chairman of Chester with the Hume and their castle already encroached upon by an industrial wind farm, is handling left (east) with the left handed people on left flank of the Hermitage Castle, and the strong arm of the Armstrong an army strand along the Liddel, with the Liddell (Little ) in the on the far right (west) are defending into the Debatable Lands.
They are defending the borders from aggression from Infinis, with Scottish traitors among Northern British Windpower NBW, who has persuaded the Scottish governmental officials to go against the borderers at  Fallago Rig of  North British Windpower NBW,  North British Windpower NBW if not against are applying there knowledge they gain in beating the borderers in appeal at Fallago Rig in this appeal against the will of the border people at Hermitage Castle (Infinis, Windy Edge).

MSE  2/9/2016

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