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It is found that for Gresham (Grisham & Grissom), Cave (North& South), and Scarborough the these are localites today on the North Sea of England, which previous to England ca 1320, the land in these regions was own by the Stuteville family. The Stuteville family own land in the Barony of Bourne (Dannish for bear), about 10mi/16km southeast of Grantham formally Graham. The border Graham are found with towersin the Debateble lands of the Stuteville family, that of Nicholas Stuteville’s forest, an their Liddle Strenght Castle (The Mote/Moat). Grisham (Grisham and Grissom), Cave of de Cave, married to a Stuteville, and Scarborough, of the first marker a 14, in a strong group share the next twelve markers, indicating the same DNA grouping pre-surname, shared the Gresham-Cave-Scarbourgh land of the Stuteville family.

Referrences in the following graphics;

Grisham Elwald

Wake Stuteville Bourne, Lincoln Co Scarborough Caste, Cottingham Co, York, Liddel StrengthNic of Forest in Liddel father of Robt (2)Nic of Forest in Liddel father of Robt (3)Wake Stuteville Bourne, Lincoln Co Scarborough Caste, Cottingham Co, York, Liddel Strength

Genealogy Wake-Stuteville, land of Liddel, Barony of Bourne, Scarborough Castle,  Cottingham (near N&S Cave), Galloway.

Wake Stuteville genealogy (1)

Wake Stuteville genealogy (2)

Scarborough Castle

Stuteville own land of Gresham, of N&S Cave and married Cave, and of Scarborough, at the time which a group liven on or near Stuteville, land descended from the same father would  adopt their names from their respective localities of Gresham, Cave and Scarborough.

Migrating  towards Nicolas Stuteville’s forest and castle The Mote/Moat.



Mark S. Elliott 4/24/2016

Gresham-Grisham-Grissam FTDA;

Gresham Grisham Gissom DNA

Scarborough FTDA;

Scarborough 12 marker match ups

Showing that Gresham and Scarborough are named from their respective localities in the UK, and pre-surname likely of land of the same owner de Stuteville family.

Mark S. Elliott 4/28/2016

Barony of Bourne (the Danish Bear)

Barony of Bourne, which in Danish means bear, known to be a progeny of the Armstrong; the Bourne, fair skin Fairbourne, light or white skin Osbourne, the Bourne family, in which many of the Danish aspect of Fairbairn, evolved to the name Armstrong. Barony of Bourne, own lands of Gresham, Cave, Scarborough, on the North Sea along with Liddel Strength Castle; The Mote, in the Debatable lands region, on and previous to the English-Scottish Border. The Cave, Wake and Stutville were related by marriage, and people of the same Y-DNA base previously to acquiring surnames lived at these respective localities, and acquired the surname of the locality they lived at, with my surname it was the son of and Elfwald and the surname became Elwald. Utilizing Y-DNA twelve mark matches was able to find relation to people named after these localities, and was able to find the family being near Gresham.

Barony of Bourne, and Croyland map

Mark Elliott 4/28/2016

Of in 1 off in 25 from Germany, and 2 off in 25 between Bec, Norfolk, and Rimington, now Lancashire.

Quebbemann, of Germany one marker off in 25;

1 in 25 Quebbemann (1) 1 in 25 Quebbemann (2)

Brook 2 off in 25 on migratory pathway between Norfolk, and today’s Lancashire.

2 in 25 Brook (1) 2 in 25 Brook (2)

Gledhill 2 off in 25 on migratory pathway between Norfolk, and today’s Lancashire.

2in 25 for Gedhill (1) 2in 25 for Gedhill (2) 2in 25 for Gedhill (3)

MSE  4/28/2016

Rich Rucker, Clan Armstrong DNA, Question

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