Armstrong Fairbairn for May 2015

The dominate time receives hits is at 3 am Eastern Daylight time New York.

Between New York and London there are 5 time zones. So 3am New York time is 8am London time. The United Kingdom is in London time.

New York to London time zones.

Someone is more apt to use a computer at 8am than 3am, so it is felt the 3am visits are from the United Kingdom.

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 above for site

The reason I am not utilizing is because of hackers locking up my site.



It is felt because of a proposed Hermitage Castle wind farm, on the ancestral lands pre Union of my family’s Gorrenberry Estate;

If one is to  Google Hermitage Castle wind farm, read what is first listed, and the first three images, one would get a jest of what I am dealing with.  Note; A corporate executive of Northern British Windpower (NBW) MI6 linked lives at Redheugh with the Clan Elliot chief, and is linked by NBW to old adversaries and are still feuding with Buck; and these are -Ker called Cessford, now The Duke of Roxburghe, and also the chief of Clan Kerr.

It should be noted; old adversaries to the Buccleuch Scott, note Buck (Buccleuch), is married to a Kerr, and my Y-DNA comes close to that of the Kerr. The ones which are most likely to feud with you are your own relatives. Though the Ker-Scot feud has be going on for centuries it is felt it needs to end with mutual protection of the Hermitage Castle for the children’s children, and all the displace borderers around the world inclusive of Scot, Ker, Ellot, and Armistrang.

It should be noted that a Philip Kerr, chairs Chester, and it also trying to stop the English invasion of wind farms to the borderland.

There are a couple of ways to reveive a border. One is to be a traitor to Scotland and support an invasion from England, and the other is to realize borderers are of both sides of the border, and of the same family.

This is showing “The Armstrong Fairbairn link” is the major addresses link on the website, and it has been for over a yer

An elwand is an Edinburgh wand/rod a standarnd of length, and hair more than an English Imperial 37 inches. Previous to The Union, it was the Scottish standard in length, as compared to the French standard in length the metre. The Scottish pre Union Edinburgh el/ell/eln, is between the London Imperial yard and the French metre in length. Those which went by measurement were referred to as elwandis, and had a seal similar to surveyors today.  The Elwald were at time referred to as Elwand or Elwandis, and on the bend of the shield of Redheugh and Stobs



In 1546 for Elliot, one can see that the names Elwald and Elwand are being used;

Gavinis Hob Elwald Elwand (1) Gavinis Hob Elwald Elwand (2)


is an elwand.


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 above for site

If one Googles “Armstrong Fairbairn”

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This is what they may likely get;

Top is of the site your one, and the fourth is of

Armstrong Fairbairn 5-21-2015 (4)

If one goes to images in the top two rows are from and, to me this shows what the UK Armstrong are addressing, and looking at.


Armstrong Fairbairn 5-21-2015 (5)

Armstrong are there any questions now on how to read the site and pitch in and work together like the Armstrong of the United Kingdom are doing.?

Mark S. Elliott     5/21/2015

ps Google Elwald

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