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Proto-Germanic DNA

Above gives more information on Northern German region, link. Added 4/28/2016


Because the United Kingdom Armstrong seek and share knowledge in the region of genealogy, this PDF is written for the Armstrong and their border allies which like to pitch-in to help the Armstrong on their ride out;





Though Infinis Windy Edge Wind Farm near Hermitage Castle was voted against by the Scottish Borders Council

it now is in appeal;


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History wiki clan elliot

Google Book link to Robert of Redheugh sasine/deed

Wikipedia Clan Crozier is up for deletion;

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On Clan Historian QuintusPetillius

The Clan Eliott Wikipedia has been high jacked it does not contained history of  THE NAME, as expressed by the chief’s father and grandmother;


Basic to THE NAME on in the History of The Elliot Clan Society;

Hopefully people will realize the Clan Crozier does not need to remain a vanquished clan and should be Unvanquished as their allied clan the Armstrong are and will speak up for them.

What I was trying to say which included that which has been censored;

Clan Elliot Origins

Please share.

On Wiki Clan Elliot website  12/9&19/2015

It is even basic to the German Wikipedia Clan Elliot website;

Nach der Legende kommt das Extra-“t” in Elliott von der Bekehrung der Elliotts zum
Christentum und soll ein Kreuz symbolisieren. Die unterschiedliche Schreibweise wird in diesem Reim verdeutlicht:

The double L and single T
Descent from Minto and Wolflee,
The double T and single L
Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell.
The single L and single T
The Eliots of St Germains be,
But double T and double L,
Who they are nobody can tell.
Robert Bell dichtete in “The Book of Scots-Irish Family Names” hinzu: “For double L and double T, the Scots should look across the sea!”

By not having this saying which identifies all Eliot, Eliott, Elliot, and Elliott the web page has been high jacked.

Mark Elliott    12/20/2015

Following link show how the bear, elk (moose), and wolf may be represented in the Armstrong Fairy Bear stories;

Shows Alan Elfwald ca 1250 the father of Robert Elwald ca 1290 of;

Bec, Anglia

DNA U106, Proto-Germanic Migration.

Proto Germanic R-U106 Elwald Elliot Migration

Armstrong Fairbairn I-M253 Y-DNA

Norman Barony Naming Convention Correlating Y-DNA Used to Find Pre-Surname Northumbria-East Anglia Entry Location.

A barony naming convention would explain why the Normans called it the Battle of Hastings instead of naming it for the battlefield. The battle took place in the Rape (barony) of Hastings on land that was subject to Hastings’ jurisdiction. The Saxons called it the Battle of Senlac according to Orderic Vitalis, after the local name of the place. Senlac means “sandy loch” and would fit the wide, sandy Brede Valley flood plain through which the estuarine Brede River meandered.

Wm de Aliot is where the Eliot name is of southern most England; St German/Port Eliot is an example of this convention.

In 123o there are Elwold in Rye/Rya, near where The Battle of Hastings took place.




Location of Medieval Rye-Rya;

Location of Medieval Rye-Rya

Number of Elliot Families Distribution 1891 Census Data;




Scandinavians were apart of The Battle of Hastings (Rye/Rya), and the Battle of Stamford Bridge near York, 1066, which leads me to believe my Y-DNA, came into the region about this time.

Norman Barony Naming Convention is being used to find the locality in where my Y-DNA line arrives in the British Isles.

The two localities which are surnames and place names are Gresham Y-DNA L21, and Scarborough Y-DNA U106.

By Tim Lambert

This is usually a corruption of burh, which meant a fort of fortified place. Aylesbury was Aegel’s burh or burgh. Boarhunt was burh funta the spring by the fort. Narborough in Leicestershire was nor (north) burh. 

Like in Scarborough;


One can see a fort on the shield.

Ham meant village or estate. Rotherham was the village by the Rother.

Like in Gresham.

Y-DNA migrations of L21 and U106 along with 1881 English census surname distributions show localities of where Germanic-Anglo-Danish people settled;

U106 P311 M269 grouping

Gresham surname distribution 1881Scarborough suname distribution 1881


Scandinavian place name map


The Gresham and Scarborough, likely sharing common characteristics moves over time toward a common locality in between their former locations.

As one can see the frequency of Scandinavian names is high at the locality the Scarborough and Gresham are the most dense in 1881.

Log into Family Tree DNA and click on advanced matches;

Family Tree DNA adv matching 11-9-2014

For basic Y-DNA matches of the Daniel Elliott Grouping, named after Daniel Elliot which made testimony for the Salem Witch Trials 1692.

The following contain M269 which becomes U106 and L21

Dan Group; U106 Proto-Germanic

James D. Watson Craig Venter respectively Scottish and German



Border Reivers matches for M S Elliott 11-9-2014

First check Y-DNA12 only, and leave name blank.

Y-DNA12 with last name blank


Note which surnames are utilized the most;

Example for myself given 12 markers;

12 markers M S Elliott 11-9-2014 Family Tree DNA

Names came out Cave, Dennis, Grisham, and Scarborough. 

Cave M269;

Cave 22 Y-DNA R-M269 11-9-2014


For Cave the count is 22, twelve marker exact matches.

Dennis U106;

Dennis 10 8-R-U106 11-9-2014


For Dennis the count is 10, twelve marker exact matches. 

The surname Dennis, unlike the surnames Gresham, Cave, and Scarborough does not have geographic locality, but the surname distribution map shows Dennis covers these or near regions of the locations of Gresham, Cave, and Scarborough;

Dennis surname distribution map 1881


Grisham, Gresham, Grissom L21;

For Gresham the count is 7, twelve marker exact matches.



For Grisham the count is 4, twelve marker exact matches.


Grisham of Gresham

Andrew Fletcher Grisham still lives in ancestory of James Gresham, b 1420 d 1497 of Holt of Gresham region, and felt that the name Gresham came from living in Gresham previous to surname adoption and may have first been a ….de (of) Gresham then became the Norman barony of Gresham surname Gresham.


Grissom 7 4-M269 11-9-2014

For Grissom the count is 7, twelve marker exact matches.

4+7+7=18 total hits for Grisham variants.

Scarborough U106;

Scarborough 8 5-R-U106 11-9-2014

For Scarborough the count is 8, twelve marker exact matches.


Cave 22, Dennis 10, Grisham variants 18, and Scarborough 8.

U106 P311 M269 grouping

Scarborough (U106) North Yorkshire is like my surname Elliott goes north, and it’s geograpic location is the furthest north,  N&S Cave (M268) East Riding, Yorkshire could go anywhere the three geographic localities are but is in the center,  Gresham (L21) Norfolk, origins.



It should be noted to have these sizable numbers in geographic name groups, indicates all names are likely beyond applied surnames, and the ones which are mapped, names which are used, their families are likely from the corresponding given localities, and this information would be of value to those names listed knowing the their origins is from and geographic-surname; Norman barony location, which is now a town or city.

Different surnames are likely beyond genealogical data, and previous to surname adoption.

different surnames

M Elliott     11/9/2014

Personal to surname evolution corresponding to my Y-DNA grouping.

U106 Y-DNA along with name changes personal then surname

pre El- sufix -wald migration


U106 pie charts seems to support migration pattern.


Though the map above seems to weight towards Frisia, excellent calculations by Robert P. Elliott  of my Y-DNA  group show that Germany by far holds the minimum.

 Regions of likelihood for people carrying Y-DNA of Daniel Elliot who testified in Salem to be from;



Thank you, Robert P. Elliott for more information, though chose to alter name of cluster to the Dan Cluster, feel the name is more extensive and takes away from the witch trials Daniel.   Dan is a nickname for Daniel, and an alias for Andrew which it is felt the name evolved from.

The name Andrew Elwald appears as a witness when Robert Elwald receives land of Redheugh and Lariston.  Most used name by the Elliott and Armstrong families is John, and a John Elwald was rector of St Andrews University 1418, and became rector of Kirkandrews (kirk; church) in the region of the debatable lands in 1423. It is the cross of St Andrews on the Scottish flag, and St Andrews is a Scandinavian saint mentored by St John, where forms of Johnson, and Anderson are popular Scandinavian names.

Though it is feel this is Robert’s (Bob’s) choice, I would rather call it after Andrew (Dan), and Daniel (Dan) the Dan Cluster.

Dan Cluster DNA U106 S12025Osborne


Elg (elk/moose);



Borne; (Osborne, Osbern U106, bear);

Records of Siward's Sons Osbern

Robertson; son of Robert (Scandinavian convention), Gordon, and Alexander Gordon on ship with Daniel Elliot to the American Plantation ca 1652,  Osborne one of my Quaker lines out of North Carolina, a Sarah Osborne, of of the earlier witches executed in Salem, likely of the Osborne; Beverly Quaker furniture makers, also a Borne/Osborne name associated with the Fairbairn/Armstrong Clans.

Robert Elwald of Remington 1305 father Alan pledge of Jarum

Allen/Alan; Alan a surname found in Liddesdale in 1376 along with Alexandir Armystrand. Alanus Elfwoldus a Latin form of Alan Elwald found in Bec, Norfolk, East Anglia, 1248.  It is felt that and son of Elfwald named Alan likely to Elfwald as a surname then became Alan Elfwald.  In the same pattern for example a John the son of this same Alan could have became John Alan, and later John Allen.

As one can see that ca 1305, Robert Elwald of Rimington, Lancashire (of W. Riding Yorkshire in 1305) is the son of Alan, with a pledge Francis de (of) Jarum, the old Anglo-Saxon community of Jarrow.

An early forming of Alan Elwald near Crowland/Croyland may be found about 1125;

Aldano filio Alfwald Alan son of Elfwald

12-marker exact matches map for MS Elliott;

displaced borderers


Newer one 6/1/2015;

R-U106 for MSE

Elliot surname distribution, shows localities of Briton, France, and Denmark.

Elliot name distributionDNA


Viking Expansion from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Scandinavian map Danish Norse


U106 Proto-Germanic;

U106 proto-germanic


Pre-Migration of Pro-Germanic Tribes;

Protp-Germanic, pre-migration period


Suffix -wald -walde (forest);

map google-

For the Elgfold/Elkwald/Elfwald/Elwald/Ellot/Elliot, the distribution of the German Ewald give with the “l” extracted would give similarities where the Elwald (Elchwald, Elgwald, Elfwald) are from.

Ewald Elwald U106 surname distributions (1)

The crescents of the German Ewald, and the Northumubria Elwald show similarities, inclusive of a tree, but the Elwald have the King/St Elwald stag’s head.

German Ewald and Robert Elwald crest comparisons.


Germam region of -wald suffix

Other Elliot-Armstrong-Fairbairn;


Non-paternity event;

NPE DNA Armstrong Elliot Fairbairn


MSE  4/23/2016

Robert Bell, links the Armstrong and Elliott, to Fermanagh, Ulster, (Northern Scots-Irish) Ireland.

‘Sheep stealers from the north of England’: the Riding Clans in Ulster by Robert Bell

In the answer of Rich Rucker’s question the people of the bear, and elk (moose), are linked.

From; Chronicles of the Armstrongs; : Armstrong, James Lewis Armstrong editor. It should be noted that surnames were not in use in 1165, and the group was referred to as Elwald (people of the wood(s)). The Elwald people where felt to be assign the surname Elwald in Liddesdale during the fifteenth century, and in the sixteenth century about the time of the Reformation the Anglo-Danish surname Elwald became the Norman-French surname from Elot to Ellot(t), with double “l“s and no “i“.

Rich Rucker, Clan Armstrong DNA, Question

1/15/2017  MSE

Belinda Dettmann (good question from Graham FTDNA Activity Feed)

Mark, you seem to match a group of Elliotts, so why wouldn’t your name be Elliott, which is of Scottish origin? Admittedly the R-U106 Elliotts are not in the largest Elliott line (which is R-L21>L193) and your lot could all have come from somewhere in Germany well back in time, but I suspect they came via Scotland.



Mark Elliott to Belinda Dettmann

Kit#101829 M269>U106>S12025>S16361>A6719 Tested R-L21 negative.

A. Elch/Elk Elchwald Elkwald (Ewald Eichwald today’s Germany), Germany with Elch/Elk, Ewald (Elwald), and Eichwald (Elchwald), near Poland and Czech Republic.

B. Elgwalt/Elgwald ELG (Denmark), ELK (north Germany/UK), ELCH (south Germany), are forms of MOOSE (US/Canada).

C. Aldano filio Alfwald, Alan son of Elfwald to become Alan Elwald 1125. Croyland/Crowland, Lincolnshire.

1. Alan Elfwold (Elwald) of Bec, Norfolk, E Anglia, 1248 (near Gresham)

2. Robert Elwald of Oulton, Suffolk 1290 (Oulton Broad, Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK) of Norfolk/Rimington, Lancashire (W. Riding Yorkshire in 1304).

3. Robert 2

4. Robert 3

5. Robert 4

6. Robert 5

7. Robert 6

8. Robert 7

9. Robert 8

10. Robert 9

11. William Elwald of Gorrenberry, Liddesdale, Scotland

12. Robert Elwald (Archeis Hob) of Gorrenberry (adopted by uncle Archibald)

13. Andrew (Dand the Cowie) Elwald of Horsleyhill

14. Robert Elwald of Stobs/Gorrenberry (Clementis Hobs)

15. Dand-Daniel Ellott/Elliot/Elliott of Scotland/Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland.

16. Robert Ellot Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland

17. Daniel Ellot/Elliot of Tullykelter/Massachusetts, American Plantation

18. Daniel Elliot Salem Trials, Massachusetts, American Plantation

19. Johnathan Sr

20. Johnathan Jr

21. John (The American Plantation, becomes the United States of America)

22. Comfort

23. Sherburn Amando of Iowa, USA

24. Amando Wilcox

25. Mark

26. Loren Spencer

27. Mark Stephen (myself) in New Mexico on the Colorado Plateau containing the Grand Canyon (Cañon Grande). Near where four states New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado, come together to make four corners.

Above links, a very small part of generations of research.

Stobs, Horseyhill, and Gorrenberry are of Scotland, late fifteenth, sixteenth, and very early seventeenth century.

Infinis has been approved, by a representative of the Scottish Government (a reporter), in the same fashion (a reporter) for the Scottish Border Fallago Rig, with obviously the same results to industrially being destructive to The Borderlands, by approving the Infinis Windy Edge wind farm between Gorranberry, and The Hermitage Castle on homeland of an acting Elwald/Ellot chief, in defense of Mary Queen of Scots/Bothwell’s castle The Hemitage Castle, by placing Windy Edge wind farm between Gorrenberry and The Hermitage Castle, on Martin Ellot’s homeland of Braidley.

PRESERVATION is what I believe in. Preservation of The Hermitage Castle region, to not be destroyed by industrialization, and my own Y-DNA Chromosomal Line, not be destroyed by corporate profits, which comes out of the DNA of many families which have placed DATA for their own used not to be told that the family line did not take that course. Family DNA if it does not support a part of the family lineal history then it is incorrect and can be utilized in a manner, of people of Norman, strata level, not of a shared genealogical information level, but in a manner to destroy the history already established the genealogy of a given family.

MSE 3/21/2017

4/1/2017 MSE