20 Wessex Questions by Lowell Armstrong

20 Question of Anglo-Saxon Wessex History, by Lowell Armstrong

1. Cerdic who was known as Vreichvras or Breichbras {Strongarm} and is attributed with being the 6th century king most likely to be identified as Geoffrey’s Arthur, and his descendents were known as the Strongarm Kings?
2. Bjorn Styrbjorns son being a sturaesman of Wessex in the 980’s?
3. Siwards first historical mention with the birth of his illegitimate daughter, Sybil Fitz Siward
in 1014, the same time Ethelred the Unready and Emma’s children Edmund, Edward, and Godiva are in exile in Normandy?
4. Siwards first appearance and service to Ealdred of Deira, whose father Uchtred married one of
Ethelreds daughter less than a year after Siwards father Bjorn was killed?
5. Siwards first mention of service as earl to Canute, King of England reigning in Wessex and
married to Emma, Ethelreds widow?
6. Siward serving as earl to four Kings of England ruling in Wessex?
7. Siward’s closest friends being Leofric of Mercia and his wife Godiva?
8. This Godiva being Edward the Confessors sister, shown by donations, wealth and land
possessions varified in charters?
9.Edwards return to England with Ralph, her son by her first marriage, and Edward making him earl of Herefordshire.
10. Siward marrying her prior to her death so that her son by Leofric, Aelfgar, would inherit nothing?
11. The council that was drawn addressing Siwards death and the unintentional confession of Aelfgar and his outlawing by, {also his uncle}, Edward?
12. The raiding and burning of Herefordshire by Aelfgar and eventual submission with Edward inlawing him?
13. The location of Siwards Cross signifying land possession in Wessex in what was once known as Dumnonia, Cerdic’s original kingdom?
14. The large population of Osbjorns in the exact area?
15. Siward’s son Osbjorns marriage to one of Godiva’s daughters having Siward the Red and Siward the White?
16.The appearance of Edwards older brothers son and children with Edward and they being the last of the Cerdic dynasty?
17. Siward the White, known as Siward Barn joining forces with the other Anglo-Saxon nobility and the uncrowned King Edgar and King Malcolm?
18. Those in opposition to William the Bastard/Conqueror being proclaimed outlaws?
19. Malcolm, Siward’s daughters son, marriage to Edgars sister Margaret?
20. Malcolm’s son David and his marriage to Siwards son Waltheof’s daughter?

If one was outlawed and there was a reward for your death, wouldn’t you try to hide the fact that you were member of the previous dynasty, at least for a couple hundred years?  I think there’s a lot more evidence supporting the fact that we are ‘of the Strongarm’  because we are what’s left of the Cerdic dynasty rather than by our progenitor or his grandsons strength.


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