William Elliot Baptist Maine to Charleston SC

 How it all began 1st Bapitist Church, Charleston, SC

Southern England and Scotland, is of the Kittery, Maine group.

First Bapitist Church Meeting House Charleston SC 1749


In 1699, the present lot was donated to the Church by William Elliot……..


William Elliot finding is the son of Elizabeth Cutt Elliot Wetherick, family of Kittery (Eliot Neck) ME, Portsmouth (Boiling Rock) NH family.

Boiling Rock Eliot Neck

Humphrey Elliot’s father is thought to be Robert Elliot, and here you can see he received an acre of land at Boyling Rock.

Robert Elliot was good friends to Episcopalian Rev. Robert Jordon. Being assigned an acre of land at Boyling Rock Point, in 1659, and Episcopalian, along with the name being spelled Ellett, like the Ellot of Ulster, Ireland which were Scot, and relating to Puritan Cutt, lends me to believe that Robert Ellot/Elliot was and indentured Scot via the Cromwellian English Civil War, which indentured Scots POW to Puritans in the American Colonies. It is felt that Robert Elliot first wife was an Ann? Pepperell, and likely dealt in child birth. The Champernowne, taking in youths, likely wanted children and adopted Humphrey, a Champernowne name because Capt Champernowne was related to Humprey Gilbert. It is felt as SC genealogy has indicated Champernowne, was suppose to be named Gilbert, but Robert the grandfather, likely had conflicts with that name coming out of Scotland.


Kittery land

William Elliot is felt to be the son along with Robert and Champernown of Boiling Rock; Portmouth, Maine just across from the Bapitist in Kittery, now Eliot, Maine.

Elizabeth Cutt Elliot Wetherick son Willaim Elliot

William Elliot mother Eliabeth Cutt Elliot Wetherrick, SC

It is felt that William Elliot is the son of Elizabeth Cutt Elliot Witherick.

It is felt that Champernown was first named Gilbert, but the Ulster Scot did not as lessees use the name Gilbert;

Champernown named likely Gilbert

This shows that Robert Elliot a friend of Capt Francis Champernown, is the father of Humphrey.

Champernown Gilbert Humphrey

As one can see that the Gilbert, by the Francis Champernown family came from the famous name Humphrey Gilbert.

R-U106 SC

My Y-DNA is found in Georgia, and it is felt to travel with the Witherick-Elliot family of Bapitist to South Carolina.

Feel to be a number of inconsistencies in the following;

Elizabeth Cutt Elliot Witherick

Whiterick (1) Whiterick (2)


Feel; Thomas, another William and Ann are of a Quaker family in the region,  of English origins;

There was more than one Willaim Elliot/William Elliott the region in the seventeenth century, felt to be considered sometimes one of the same.

Quakers not Bapitist;

“Records from the Elliott-Rowand Bible. Accompanied by an Account of the First Thomas Elliott and of Some of His Descendants”


The following note was received from Mr. A. S. Salley, Jr., too
late to be put in the proper place]:

January 23, 1689/90 “Thomas Elliott Carpenter & William Elliott Brick layer Exer”. of W*. Cooke gen’. dec d . James Stanyarne & Thomas Booth executed a bond to the Governor for their proper administration of the estate aforesaid. (Records Ct. Ord. 1672-1692, P. 384, Office Hist. Commission, S. C.)

Though spelling may not be correct, it is felt the Baptist is of Scottish Heritage and would spell his name William Elliot, and the Quaker of English heritage would spell the name William Elliott.

More info found in;



Mark Elliott       5/3/2015


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