Today, I’m Clan Armstrong

The Armstrong in their Chronicles are correct; My family the Elwald are out of York, though found a bit south in East Anglia also.


Ulf in Danish is wolf, and elg in Danish is UK elk, US moose.

From ulf and elg we get elf. Like in King/Saint Ælfwald bones in Hexam Abbey, Northumberland. The Horn of Ulf is kept in York, and is used to represent the horn of Gorrenberry which is topographical in shape.

From  Ælfwald we get names Alwald, Elwald, Aewald, and Aelfwald.

Because elk(moose), are not of Northumbria/Anglia, and ulf are it is felt the name of Germanic-Danish King Elgwalt (walt of wald) became Elfwald. Instead of meaning in English-English elkwood as described in The Chronicles; for US-English “moose of the woods”.

The Norman names John and Robert were York Elwald names as seen in this donated  in St Michael-le-Belfrey;

St Michael-le-Belfrey, York : Elwald 16th century glass.

Restored inscription to John Elwald, Mayor of York and his wife Agnes, and Robert Elwald, Sheriff and Alderman of York and Ellen, his wife.


One can see both the names Robert and John, and today the name John is the number one name used by the Elliot, Elliott, Armstrong, and Fairbairn families.

John Elwald is and early name of Rector ca 1418 of St. Andrews University;

John Elwald Elwold rector Kirkandrews St Andrews

John Elwald did not like being the rector of St Andrews University, so with the help of the provost Bothwell of Glasgow an Archibald Douglas, he became the rector of Kirkandrews, of the debatable land of  St Ninian (Armstrong/Elwald name), of Whitethorne out of St. Andrews.

John Elwalde

When the pope came for a visit is was on St Ninian’s Day.

St. Ninian Tartan

Doesn’t the tartan remind you of the Armstrong Tartan;

Armstrong-Nixon-Crozier tartan

Maybe the popes in their souls are a bit Armstrong.

When Robert Elwald received the lands of Redheugh, Laristion, Hartsgarth and others in Liddesdale.  Many people landholders, and witness through many years were involved in the process;


It should be noted that Buccleuch, at the request of Archibald “Bell the Cat” Douglas who had to dispose of his border lands, had acquired steward ship of the lands of the Armstrong, and they were not part of the process. Though the chief of the Armstrong at Mangerton the term laird mean land ownership, but if one was to say; The Laird it meant Mangerton.

In the region of the Armstrong are shown on map;

Liddesdale 1590

At the time Robert received lands there is a William of Gorrenberry, which lands are;


It is felt though Martin Elwald/Elwood/Ellot resided on the land and lead the Clan Ellot he build his tower near Robert’s Lariston, and was of the Redheugh family, where my family is of Gorrenberry, where there is a planed Infinis Windy Edge wind farm to be placed on it;


The map above shows Windy Edge.

It is felt that we obtained the land of Braidlie, McPatrickhope (Braidliehope), and Shaws (so side of Hermitage), from William Douglas of Cavers. An Adam Ellot/Elliot (English spelling with and inserted “i”), kept the Cowie of Gorrenberry story a going.

Though my family made up the story for an Andrew (alias Dand), to keep him safe because he was accused of killing a Douglas. He would come down from Baillillie way up on Buccleuch region to visit his youngest half brother Archie Keen (wise knew Latin), and his youngest and second son Robert Elwald/Ellot, known as Clementis Hob, because Clement Crosar of Stob on land of the Gledstanes of the estate above of Coklaw (coke mound) known as Cokis Clement would care for his nephew, and his nephew would work with him.

Those Normans of French values really even today take to the story, but the Armstrong know like I do Cowie does not exist. The Cowie comes to help out, and feels he has been gone for centuries for those which are characteristically Norman and lost their Scandinavian border values not to shirk my family’s responsibility the Cowie had to come back.

Gorrenberry rides of the Martin Elwood, shield of the Elwood out of York, in the manner described in The Chronicles with a stag head on their shield.


Elwood Crest

It should be noted that my grandfather Andrew alias Dan, in Ulster became the Irish Daniel, was banish from both kingdoms, and with the help of the Hamilton family Robert was married to a Hamilton, moved to Tullykelter, Magheroy, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland, as shown on map;

Tullykelter Tullikelter Framanagh map 1790 families

In the 1630 muster William Ellot was a big name, and it seemed the Martin Ellot family received help from the Hume family to move to the same region;

muster-William-Robert-Ellot-Mungo-1630 Gavin

Being Anglican/Episcopalian (like Buccleuch), during the English Civil War the family were Royalist like many and Ulster Armstrong.

A lot of Scot were indentured (sold) to Barbados.

At the crest of Barbados one sees the cross of St Andrews of sugarcane in a black hand;

Barbados Arms

Barbados-POW Scots 1650

Given a map of Barbados;

Quaker Scots Barbados map

Today it is the Anglican church predominate from the days of the Scottish Royalists in Barbados. Quakers where also sent to Barbados. Like Armstrong, Quakers are also self lead.

The Armstrong Reiver have been compared to the Cowboy, and here are some cowboys to consider;

Wetherill Brothers Antiquities Act

They are from the four corners region (in the southwest United States; states make 4 corners) on the Colorado Plateau, like I am. They also like the Armstrong are instrumental in protecting the historical antiquities of their region. The United States, Antiquities Act of 1906, brought forth protection and made Chaco Canyon National (Historic) Park and preserves it for the children and their children, the children’s children.

Armstrong and others with the heart of the Armstrong that want to preserve for their children’s children in their border homeland, and for their father’s father like I am doing support;

 Elliot, Elliott, Armstrong and Fairbairn seem to utilized the same similar forenames;



Search the Muster Rolls

Hermitage Castle’s Infinis’ Windy Edge

John Elwald played around on the Gaelic Mc/Mac, and brother Robert chief, which is in my despondency,  shares Y-DNA;

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