For Our Fathers of Stobs

Maggie; clever and efficient; have borrowed the elwand from your shield and am taking measurements, utilizing as your husband oriented towards technology may seem interested, using not only the measurements, but the changes within, and therefore been applying long range progressions, like your friend; Micheil Armstrong, knows I can apply, by being educated by a professor of mining engineering from South Africa.

Maggie one needs to treat especially the United Kingdom Armstrong with a level of reverence. After all through the Danish bjørn&elg, we are related. Since there were not any elg (UK elk/US moose), in near York region in the old Danish nation of Northumbria elf was substituted.

Maggie being Danish elg meaning UK elk/US moose, are related to the Old Norse kjrr meaning marsh dweller. Danish elg, is an Old Norse kjrr, which can be found at the crest of the Ker coat of arms.

It should be noted Maggie, the Buccleuch Scot, and Ker have been feuding before we worked together to resettled our brother-in-law’s family into Scotland in 1541, that of Keith Elliot Hunter. Like Kieth we also have family of Gorrenberry.

We can all come together like the Armstrong, Redheugh Elwald, Gorrenberry Elwald, and do not forget my many great grand father  Hob Elwald, who was adopted by his uncle; Clement Crosar of Stobs, which lived on land of the Gledstanes allied to Buccleuch, at the foot of Collifort Hill, with the southern most mound of the hill referred to for the estate of these Gledstanes, called Coklaw, where law is to a hill, is like a peak to a mountain. Because Clement Crosar was a supporter of the Coklaw Gledstanes he was sometimes called Cokis Clement. The term colli- comes from colliery, which would have beehive ovens creating coke.

So my many great grand father Hob Elwald who supported and was adopted by a good man Clement Crosar (Crozier), and lived with him at Stobs.

Reading the history of the UK Elliot Clan by Keith Elliot Hunter, I realized I was not a St German; Elliott, but one of those your father referred to as of the Elwald/Elwold. He seemed to follow a line of thought, which seems to link forms of the Francis name from you to him, and to George Francis Scott Elliot. It has been said Stobs and the records burn, and it is felt the the Buccleuch Scott family would have a large archive of these records along with the ones which your father collected from his mother. My father also collected a lot of records from his mother. Directly or indirectly it is felt that your grandmother and father were able to restore the Stobs records, and that is why your father was able to make the assessments and conclusions, he was able to make. It is known that those with lesser experience in genealogical research will be unable to recognized the quality of research though there are always errors which can be corrected at some future date, by a researcher who has obtained that level of research.

Made a correction of your father’s work only to find out at some later date that your dad was correct. This has also happened between my father and I.

After taking my family through indenture ship because at the time of the English Civil War they were Royalists. It should be noted at the time Stobs stood with us. William a name the Ellot family adored in Fermanagh, Ulster. The William Ellot son of Gilbert surname became Elliot after Sir John Elliot (St German branch), because self government  show promise, but considering what Cromwell did to Scotland, and family relations to this William Elliot, Stobs changed the name to Eliott. In order to preserve the Stobs estate, because William was becoming Royalist like my family, William committed suicide. To me the Stobs; Eliott name represents a name William, of a hero, which was providing for the future of his family.

Though I rather be related to one of the greatest thieves of Liddesdale, they added an extra paragraph for Clementis Hob, sometimes one has to admit they are related to landholders of, at least they are of Scotland but had to lean towards the Norman not Scandinavian values.

One can be related to a great group of people in the United Kingdom such as the Armstrong, but just to end up being related to aristocrats. It is realized in genealogical research if done properly one can not choose ones relatives.

Need to talk about one of your relatives I call him Buck. The estate of Buckcleuch which means a bucking stream travel through the kriags/cleuch; a stream bouncing up and down in a valley through the rocks, in other words a bucking mountain stream.

Gavin of Gorrenberry, Horseliehill, Baillillie, and Stobs, his second wife was a sister to Buck. Robert of Redheugh had a son named Gilbert, but it is felt that the actual parentage is Gavin of Stobs, and Buck’s sister. Gilbert was not a named carried to the Ulster Plantation accept in northern Ulster; Londondery, which was not representative of the border Scots.

What happen to the Union of the Crowns, many a border Scot, including ones with the surname Scot were displaced from the borders.  Most migrated to Ulster, other towards the north in Scotland, if not force removable was used.

Bold Buck could not displace these Scots, so he left the country.

Many survived, and are in Scotland today. The borderland had to be concentrated among the land holders the Scot, and some of the Stobs/Redheugh Eliott. Walter Scot would make Gilbert out as killing a Ker, but Gilbert was not alive when the Ker of Cessford was killed.

Can see today the Redheugh Eliott are riding with these Ker (NBW), highly influence by Norman land ownership values, though as much a relative to me as the Redheugh Eliott are.

When the Armstrong ride; Micheil Armstrong, knows to back away, Buck’s family and the family of Gorrenberry along with the Martin Ellot family of Braidley across from Gorrenberry, know they also ride with the Armstrong.

Being that my grandfather Hob Elwald (Robert Ellot), was adopted by his uncle Clement Crosar (Crozier) of Stobs (land owned by the Gledstanes of Coklaw above Stobs), and known as Clementis Hob (Clement’s Robert), and the Crozier being a sept of Clan Armstrong, and the UK Elliot Clan not recognizing my origins, where the Armstrong’s information on the Elwald line seems correct, in the United Kingdom, I take pride in being a Armstrong through the Crozier sept.

Related to an Armstrong from Kansas; though like in Wizard of Oz we are not in Kansas anymore. This of course likely before surname adoption and after being in Northumbria, down towards York.

Maggie, the only individual which seems to be holding everything together is our brother-in-law Keith Elliot Hunter, and the Armstrong even seem to like him. For the Armstrong and myself so what if he does not agree with us he is not suppose to. We utilize his thoughts as a true in-law to see how others are thinking. Excellent choice for historian, and working on the Elliot family, it seems that Keith, and I have accomplished in a short while more than has been accomplished in a long period of history.

Maggie, I am basically for wind farms, but not for the ones which are destructive, and used against a family which has been protecting a preserving the Hermitage Castle for centuries such as the Buck’s family (Buccleuch).

Maggie, I know border reivers can ride on one side of the border or the other, but our family is on both sides, and it is time to put family back together inclusive of the Buccleuch, Kerr, Hume, Crozier, Liddel, Armstrong, Eliott/Elliot/Elliott, and many others.

Mark Elliott  1/15/2015


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