Scot Gov Approves INFINIS Windy Edge of Hermitage Castle


Once a contractor has been approved, government wise it does not carry to a new contractor. Once INFINIS has been approved, the government of Scotland if honest has to require approval also from the new contractor MUIRHALL. Without approval it is considered consumer “bait and switch”.

The honest people of today’s Scottish government will support an approval procedure for, Muirhall Windy Edge, with a majority determining the outcome, not a single individual, in a dictatoral sense. Approved appeals such as North British Windpower NBW Fallago Rig, and Infinis Windy Edge, felt to be fixed by Scottish government officials; those officials will not show support for a non-fixed approval system, because they already know that if the approval system is not fixed that Windy Edge Wind Farm will not be approved.

From BBC; Windy Edge wind farm appeal succeeds 9 June 2016

Scot Gov Approves INFINIS Windy Edge of Hermitage Castle, BUT NOT MUIRHALL

Google INFINIS’ images 2-5

Appeal, Hike, Preservation, and History, all destroyed by MUIRHALL (Windy Edge), and Scot’s Gov.

MUIRHALL no Appeal;


UK Armstrong, with Buccleuch, Kinmont & Gorrenberry what more?



MUIRHALL no Preservation;

Wetherill-Brothers-Antiquities-Act (1)

Comment from Theodore Roosevelt which utilized the Antiquities Act of 1906, showing big United States corporations controlling public media.


MUIRHALL no History;

Martin Ellot of Bradley

Scots (Scottish Government overriding in a corporate dictatorial sense the wishes of their border constituency  the Scottish Border Council SBC) to allow INFINIS Windy Edge wind farm to industrially encroach, on a major border icon known through out the world.

Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser;

Windy Edge not place for turbines says council


Wednesday, July 1, 2015 at 9:57AM

Infinis Windy Edge

Hermitage Castle’s MUIRHALL’ Windy Edge

NM USA hosts international visitors

For more than a century, the United States National Park Service US NPS has been protecting their historical heritage from industrial encroachment such as; wind farms.

The United States of the English American Plantation, for it’s citizens indigenous and otherwise and people of the world, preserves and protect historical heritage of their indigenous antiquities.


Scots (Gov) allow Windy Edge


The Scot’s and English Governments, want to destroy the heritage, to complete the holocaust of border peoples still living in their border homelands, by gradual industrial destruction of the greatest symbol of homeland heritage-history to those borders living in English Plantations; Ulster, Canada, United States, New Zealand, Barbados, South Africa and so on; which is that of the Hermitage Castle by Infinis Windy Edge wind farm. A system of displacement which is still in survival by both kingdoms when granddad Clementis Hob son Dand (alias for Andrew) Ellot was abolished from them ca 1608, and became Daniel Elliott, of Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster. Things have not changed for the English or Scottish Kingdoms when it comes to border people. Their historical history is holocaust-ed and not to be and not considered to be one of the parts which makes for a United Kingdom.

Scot Gov Approves INFINIS Windy Edge of Hermitage Castle, but Muirhall has not been approved.

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