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Have listened to;
Where Alistair Moffat, made some commits I would like to reply to;
That travel is  down the father’s DNA; My genealogical search is from father to father, by methods taught to me by my father.
Sir Walter Scott; Though Scott, Bell, and Elliott have U106, the first two fully DNA mapped were of it one from, Germany and the other from Scotland, a DNA I share, today’s Richard Scott-Buccleuch (he has a Walter as a middle name) is L21.  So I am not of the Walter Scott line, but at the time of Union, a large dowry was offered for Gilbert Ellot to marry a Buccleuch. The Ellot Chieftain line was having difficulties, because they were feuding with The Armstrong, and ended up taking on a mistress, known as Margret Kidd.  Since Gilbert was a son of a mistress he was offered a large dowry to marry again into the Buccleuch Scot family, and it is his son, not named Gilbert, but name William which was to obtained land. William early death land went to his first son Sir (became aristocratic) Gilbert Eliott.
My family at time of Union, was banished from both kingdoms, and moved onto the Ulster Plantation, where they as Ellot would not used the forenames of Gilbert or Walter.
Demonizes in THE THIEVES OF LIDDESDALE, by RICHARD MAITLAND, that of Clement,s Hob (meaning today; Clement Crozier’s nephew Robert Elliott).
Dog’s DNA; Animals have DNA also even Y-DNA. Elk what us Americans are call a moose, are returning to the forest (in German “wald”) around Berlin;
Feel being twice as bull headed and half as smart as an elk (moose), by following my Y-DNA as the elk (moose), I can also find myself back to my ancestral homeland.
There is what one may call a cho-cho story, and others would call it a children’s story, and it is a Fairbairn (fair bear) Story, likely of Danish-Germanic origins; It talks about male siblings with names; Bjørn (Bear), Elg (Elk), Ulf (Wolf), common names for Danish-Scandinavian Society. Noted links to Lincolnshire where there is The Barony of Bourne (Bjørn). Land own by this barony, includes Scarborough, Gresham, Cave (Cottingham), and Liddel Strength, The Mote in debatable lands. My DNA pre surname matches that of Scarborough, Cave, and Gresham variants, which shows, as The Chronicle of the Armstrong that I have an origin of Croyland/Crowland, Lincolnshire.
 Proto Germanic DNA is indicated that the line of my fathers is from Danish-Germany;Proto-German U106 Elliott Y-DNA
4. Hawick Man;
Though the name evolve around The Hermitage Castle into Ellot then onto Hawick in which in any community the greatest concentration of Elliot one finds any where in the world. If one is to put a drop of food die in water, one can see where it was in the first placed in by its concentration, and that basically also applies to surnames, which can be seen by the use of census data surname concentration maps. As Alistair has indicated populations are quite diverse in DNA, at the time of surname adoption, the population which adopts a given surname, may be of a given language or language dialect, but they are quit heterogeneous in DNA distribution. What is spread throughout the world, may be the “heart of Scotland” but for the family of Elliot/Elliott, it is the cultural values of not Shelkirk or Kelso, but those of a different community which carries a much different dialect which Alistair had noted than that of Kelso which would be that of Hawick properly pronounce hoik. It should be noted though I share cultural values with the Hawick people and those of Hawick, if I were to show up in Hawick, it is I which would have a cowboy dialect, of the western United States.
Ground Zero for Scottish Clan Elliot which many like my family added a t and became Elliott, is Hawick.



Elliot concentration at Public Profiler



Double L and single T The Elliots of Minto and Wolfelee;



As one can see that Minto, Hawick and Wolflee are in the area of ground zero for the Scottish Clan Elliot.

At end of Beyond Borders it was said that; gates at location where closed in 1746 and not open until Stuart on throne, and the would be Prince William.

Mary Queen of Scots was last Stuart on throne of Scotland, and it was her son James which seem to be influential enough to banish granddad Andrew (Dand) Ellot, son of Clementis Hob from both kingdoms in 1608. So it is felt that the last time my family felt welcome in Scotland is when there was a Stuart on the throne.

Armstrong do not have leaders, and if one was to lead they would face the fate of Johnnie Armstrong.
In what may be called in the borderlands a cho-cho (children’s) story that the Danish Bjørn (Bear), and Elg (Elk) are related.
Therefore, I am a closer relative with my U106 DNA to the Bjørn (Pre Armstrong), than to the Redheugh Elliot, and therefore share this pitch-in with all sharing the responsibility of leadership, given all have a similar base value system.
The Clan Armstrong Trust is a struggling organization which protects border values, much in the same way the Hawick Archaeological Society does.
Since the sixteenth century steward ship of The Hermitage Castle has been in the hands of Buccleuch.
Today except for maybe the Ulster Plantation; Plantation nations of Australia, Canada, South Afirica, United States, New Zealand and other nations of the former plantations are Beyond the Border of today’s United Kingdom, and related to those in the borderlands, and have the ability to reive in and help their border relatives.
10/10/2016 MSE
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