Once Upon A Time-Hermitage Castle

There was a great border army, keeping the destruction of London out of Scotland;

This army was displace to new frontiers around the world, and even one made his first steps out of the world; on the moon. This army exist, when before the great displacement, called The Union of The Crowns, when Bothwell was of the great border fort, The Armytage Castle which means army outpost. Today through transformation; Ermitage, Hermitage, the name has changed meaning and became Hermitage Castle, like a hermit lives their. Guess an outpost could change meaning to a hermit’s hide-a-way, but before The Union when the surrounding land acquired by Bothwell from a William Douglas of Cavers was in Bothwell hands it was known as an army outpost, unlike his estate of Bothwell near Glasgow.

The border army stretch from sea-to-sea, and worked with the Scot of Howpaslot (a lot which had a hollow pass through the trees), Edshaw (at the edge of the trees), Branxholm, (a flat region in the branch of two rivers), and Buccleuch (where a stream bucks up an down between rock out cropping referred as kraigs), though Buccleuch has moved and represents and the other estates have combined themselves into the Buccleuch Estate and there is a Duke of Buccleuch, like the sound of a Scottish bucking stream, bounding up and down; So I will just call him Buck.

In the far east this would be family of Buck which would stand up an protect the eastern front from London’s destructive powers, and he is known as Northumberland (Duke of-). Another family protecting the eastern flank looking south towards where the invaders were coming from is the Hume family which has a fort which is a Home to them Hume Castle. With the help of traitors, Northumberland has lost and destruction has been made on land near his on the Scottish side of the borders, and the Hume/Home were not able to protect there home the Castle of the Hume from this destruction also.

Now this brings us to The Valley of the Kerr, which goes from the foot of the valley, starting at the Liddel. So the river starts at Ker hope(valley) foot; Kerhopefoot, and travels up the Kerhope, where the Ker/Kerr are defending the borders, but some of the Ker aristocracy by being paid off in bribes are work like the Traitor of Leven, would work for the destruction of The Hermitage by making it look like this destruction is from London.

The Ker are of Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe), and the chief of the Clan Kerr/Ker/Carr. Their military intelligence to make sure they look extremely Scottish and like the American’s may call them Benedict Arnolds, a well known traitor to the 1776 revolution of America. These extremely Scottish borderers chiefs of the Elliot and Kerr Clans along with Cessford the Duke of Roxburghe on this once upon a time previous to The Union, fought with the destruction coming out of London.

The last outpost to save Scotland from total destruction coming out of London, is protected knowning the history and importance of the Hermitage for centuries proceeding The Union comes from the peels owned by the Grahams on the English side of the border into the debatable lands of Kirkandrews and The Mote, where the Nicholas Stuteville Castle of Liddel Strength Castle once stood, and the surrounding forest became known as Nicholas Forest. Where there was once a rector of Kirkandrews; the church of St Andrew of the direction of St Ninian’s Whitethorne, where St. Ninian travel on towards St Andrews. At one time the Scot did not have a University at St Andrews and many a Scottish of the Douglas family were educated and died in France. A John Elwald was educated in France, and also in another foreign nation that which had a school he attended in 1399 England that of Oxford. When Scotland form it’s new university that of St. Andrews, John Elwald was one of the earliest rectors, but did not care much for the position, with the help of the provost a Boswell; Archibald Douglas a cousin to those Archibald Douglas which own land along the Liddel Water, he became, for short of Glasgow representing Selkirk region then in 1423 back home to the debatable lands as the rector of Kirkandrews.

At the time late fifteenth century when William of Gorrenberry assisted Robert Elwald to attain lands of Redheugh, Lariston, Hartsgarth and others, left by Archibald “Bell the Cat” Douglas in which Bothwell (Hepburn) were to obtain Hermitage, and Archibald Douglas would obtain former lands of Bothwell near Glasgow.

The land around The Hermitage Castle were obtained by a brother to “Bell the Cat”, a William Douglas of Cavers.

It should be noted in some Buccleuch shields there is a viking ship, and a heart of Robert the Bruce representing the Douglas. It is felt that the Buccleuch Scot have some Viking and Douglas blood in them along with Y-DNA U106 which gives them a Germanic-Danish link also from south of the border.

The Scots financed the army of the borders which were protecting Scotland from an invasion of the destructive power of London. Of course this is once upon a time.

Later on and after Bothwell, the Buccleuch family when the Hermitage Castle was not used as a fort would protect and preserve from London’s destruction this historic antiquity which means so much to those displaced around the world, though London does not care because London look a these border Scandinavians, as inferior like rodents wanted to exterminate them from their borderlands, and seem to got their wish at The Union Of The Crowns. Of course this is once upon a time.

The strongest army of them all to protect Scotland from destruction from out of London supported by border traitors and those being promised position which will not be given to the people of Scotland, but given to the English to finish off there destruction of Scotland not only the borders, but also the lowlands and highland, playing on old family feud between these Scottish people as this destruction out of London precedes until the whole Scotland including there precious historical antiquities are taken away, and by not standing for ones fathers and providing for ones children nothing of these historical antiquities are left for the children. Of course this is once upon a time.

The strongest army of them all is a army which peel towers are a strand along the Liddel. Once fought for a bear of fair Danish skin, that of a Fairbairn, which is a surname which lives today in the land of the Hume towards the eastern border an help protect it. The amry stranded along, the Liddel became known as Armystrand, and the laird of this army was of Mangertown, a town in a valley shaped as a manger, but at the time it was a valley of trees. Though Buck had stewardship and ownership of Mangerton lands, and laird meant landholder the importance of the Laird of Manger, name now of Armistrang; meaning strong army, if someone said The Laird, it referred to this Armisrtang/Armstrong (strong arms on their shields). Of course this is once upon a time.

Those which were the soldiers at the time of Bothwell which lived around the army outpost and were soldiers for Bothwell and the Hermitage Fort. It is known that soldiers of the fort lived around it when it was in useand.

The families which first protected the fort live south and this would be known as the Redheugh Gang, and and earlier gang which saw Robert receive Redheugh land riding under the sign of Saint/King Elwald bones of Hexam Abbey is the Gorrenberry Gang. Latter a minor brother took over the protection of The Hermitage Castle, and he moved onto forested land once of William of Cavers transferred to Bothwell, this was not of Redheugh land which he was a younger brother of Robert of Redheugh. After living at Braidlie which he did not build a peel because his army which included the armies of Braidlie, Redheugh, and Gorrenberry, were the army of the fort; Hermitage Castle. Of course this is once upon a time.

The land of Gorrenberry/Braidlie, was under great destruction, but the army would go into the Hermitage and protect everyone in their, and the powers of London even wanted to run siege on The Hermitage Castle.

Of course this is once upon a time.

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