John Elwald 1418 Rector of St Andrews; Conn, McConnell, McCall DNA Kirkinner Carnesmole

John Elwald was 1418 rector of St Andrews;

He is felt to be a younger brother of Robert Elwald of one Robert Elwald I-X from 1250-1500;


His name is John Elwald, younger brother to chief Robert Elwald, which is my many great grand dad, and would carry the same Y-DNA.

They seemed to move Rector John Elwald around a lot, but know indication why.

It seems like he likely added his Y-DNA to some Gaelic ladies, when Rector at Carnesmole (Kirkinner), Dumfries.

Showing matches at twenty-five marker level for McCall and McConnell.

Showing at twenty-five marker level match with Conn, likely variant of Gaelic name McConnell.


In the 1400’s Kirkinner was Gaelic, and MacCall, and MacConnell would have been counterpart Gaelic names.

It is felt that My Y-DNA SNP FTDNA#101829, Yseq#4069 M269>U106>S12025>FGC12040>S16361>A6722 is likely the Y-DNA of John Elwald, rector of St Andrews in 1418.

2/6/2018 MSE