Hermitage Chronicles; Armstrong (Fairbairn) Elwald

A Message From Cowie;

For most people the Cowie does not exist in reality. It is felt that the Cowie, being an Elwald/Ellot (Elliot) and claiming to be Scandinavian instead of Norman to the early history of the UK English Eliot history;


the Cowie is of the vanquished.

Been said, “It is better to be a Danish devil than a Norman saint”.

I remain vanquished

The Cowie owned lands of Gorrenberry, before Redheugh was owned by Robert Elwald;


Cowie is involved as landholder William Elwald of Gorrenberry to as other landholders, Scot of Edschaw, William Gledstanes, and various Ker, to see Robert receives lands of Redheugh/Lariston, those North of Mangerton, Recently acquired by the Scot-Bucceuch family and that is why no Armstrong are listed in above, to just south of the Hermitage Castle, bordering lands of Schaws, of the Barony of Cavers, William brother to Archibald “Bell the Cat”, Douglas who is passing these lands to his family squire for faithful service; Robert Elwald.

Pre Union land Elwald Ellot

Name blanked; ________Ellot of Gorrenberry 1607, Dan Ellot Gorrenberry, Scotland banished from both kingdoms 1608 became Daniel Elliott, Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland ca 1610.


blank Ellot of Gorrenberry


When Cowie was banished from both kingdoms in 1607 his lands

It should be noted that the first Cowie, his name was Andrew (alias Dandie), older brother to Gavin by his first wife, who secondly married the sister of Buccluech. The Redheugh Clan lineage, became that of Stobs Eliott, and now the Stobs Eliott are  of the Redheugh Eliott.  Andrew (alias Dandie) had to sons, Andrews; alias Dand the Cow, Burgess of Shelkirk, and a Hob Robert, adopted by uncle, Clement Crosar, who supported the Gledstanes of the estate, of Coklaw, law meaning mound with Coklaw Tower/Castle was on the southern most law/mound of Colliefort Hill, just north of Stobs.  Coke of Coklaw indicates there were coking ovens at the Coklaw estate, and Colliefort, were colli-, is short for colliery, a coal operation which could have coking ovens included. The coke and coal haulage would be downhill and floated by stream north towards a mill before Hawick, which likely produced iron.

Colliefort Hilll Hummelknows, Stobs Castle, Anderston Shiels

The Crosar lived at Stobs (not castle at time), and Adderston Shiels, and supported the Coklaw estate of the Gledstanes alied to Buccleuch, in the tower, castle above, and were referred to as Cokis Crossar. Cokis were “is” is a possessive of the Coklaw estate.

Hob Elwald (Robert Ellot), was referred to as supporting his uncle, Clement Crosar (Crozier) of Stobs, and was referred to as Clementis Hob, and felt to live on the land of Stobs belonging to the Gledstanes with his uncle Clement Crosar, and that is why he was known as Clementis Hob.  The Cokelaw, Gledstanes sold the land to the half brother of Andrew (alias Dandie), Gavin, both sons of Gavin, but son Gavin was by a second wife married to the sister of the first of today’s Buccleuch, line a Jean Scot.

This is the family of Horseleyhill/Baillillie/Stobs, though Gilbert uses the Redheugh shield, he also use the Horesleyhill name in the seal he used. It is felt though Gilbert was born of Redheugh, he inherited Stobs from Gavin, having four daughters, and therefore it is quite likely that Gavin and Jean Scot are his biological parents, but claiming lineage of Redheugh, Buccleuch, in the concentration of land at the time of The Union of the Crowns, diverted that chieftain, to the Horseleyhill line, today the Eliott family of Stobs is at Redheugh.

Braidlie 1607 banished from both kingdoms.

Cowie; Andrew alias Dandie half brother to Gavin (the Clark/clerk), accepted by the Gilbert line as father.  Andrew has sons; Andrew (Dandie the Cow) Burgess of Shelkirk, and Hob Elwald (Robert Ellot), Clemenitis Hob, which lived in Gorrenberry with his half brother Achibald (Archie Keen/wise knew Latin), younger to Gavin the Clark. Andrew was a fugitive hidden away by Buccleuch in Baillillie, and would come to Gorrenberry to visit his son Clementis Hob and his; Andrew (alias Dandie) younger half brother Archie Keen, and work at night. For the family to hide him away they made up a story about a Cowie, a Cowie of Gorrenberry.

Clementis Hob had two sons, which a Robert Ellot (baillie; lawer, legal administrator)  the oldest and a Andrew (Dan; caulter; purchaser/accountant) Ellot both banish from both kingdoms, and moved to the Ulster Plantation, about 1610. The name Dan Ellot became in Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland became the Irish name Daniel Elliott. At first the Dublin spelling Elliott but after an influx of border Ellot the name Elliott reverted back to Ellot, before entering the America Plantation about 1650. It is felt this family being early Anglican/Episcopalian residents of Ireland easily assimilated, and acculturated themselves to their new land, and at the time of the Irish Revolt, 1642, the Irish population, (it is likely they were intermarried in the second generation there), looked upon the Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ellot, as being Irish.


Braidlie 1607 banished from both kingdoms.


like the Armstrong Mangerton lands went on to Buccleuch.


Though both Redheugh and Gorrenberry have the same father Gavin Ellot of Horselyhill, Baillillie, and Stobs, Redheugh has a sister of Buccleuch which was first married to a Robert of Redheugh. Both William of Gorrenberry and the Robert of Redheugh, Gilbert line claims Horsleyhill, in their seal/shield but Redheugh has sometimes been called as Armstrong with a strong arm in there shield have called Armstrong, with an ellwand/elwand in shield, sometimes Robert is referred to as Robert Elwand of Redheugh . An elwand is an Edinburgh standard for length like the London Imperial yard of the French metre, the William of Gorrenberry shield has a stag head on it like on the sceat; York minted coin of saint/king Elwald bones in Hexam Abbey, Northumberland.

Redheugh and Gorrenberry are of two gangs.


Then Gorrenberry rode as part of the grain/branch of Martin Ellot from Braildley between Gorrenberry and the Hermitage Castle.




As one can see that Martin Ellot is of the Redheugh family. Though the name Martin is found in Ulster, it is not a welcome name in Scotland. Gorrenberry supported Martin who supported the Armstrong.



Braidley in Liddesdale

As seen;



Infinis has plans for a wind farm on Gorrenberry lands near the Hermitage Castle, which the Clan Armstrong Trust, Buccleuch, and the Cowie does not support;


It is since Redheugh has not come out against the wind farm it is felt Redheugh is supporting. To the Armstrong (Fairbairn) will want to make it very clear Cowie does not want to see a wind farm on his Gorrenberry lands.


The first Cowie was my many great grandfather as Arthur Eliott, Stobs, as a second generation genealogist on the Elliot Clan shows;

William and Andrew Ellot of Horseleyhill

Andrew Elliot brother to William laird of Horseleyhill, hidden away by his father on lands of Baillillie.  Andrew had a son Andrew (alias) Dan the Cow baillie (where Baillillie received name meaning administrator) Burgess of Selkirk, and another referred to as Robert Elwald/Ellot, my many great grandfather. Since Andrew was hiding away in Baillillie he his second son went with his uncle Clement Crosar, referred to as Cokis Clement because he supported the Glendstanes of the estate of Cokelaw, and landholders were referred to by their estate name. So these Glenstanes were referred to as Coklaw. Coklaw was a tower Cokelaw castle one of the forts of Collifort Hill. Colli is for colliery; a coal operation, and coking ovens are considered part of a colliery. The word law means mound which is southern most mounds of Collifort Hill with the tower of Coklaw Castle on it. The south end of Collifort Hill, has carbonaceous strata likely bearing coal, and easy access to a stream on the west side were manufactured bee hive oven coke can be floated downstream to a mill before the stream enters Hawick.

The foot of this hill where Clement Crosar alias Cokis Clem lived as a tenant one Gledstanes land called Stobs. Next landholder Gavin Horseleyhill, Baillillie, Stobs passed to Gilbert  of Redheugh/Horseleyhill-Stobs.

Robert Elwald/Ellot lived with his uncle Clement Crosar, and became known as Clementis (Clement’s) Hob;  Hob an alias other than the Redheugh family would use for Robert.

So my grandfather Clementis Hob lived at Stobs previous to acquisition by Gavin of Horseleyhill, Baillillie, and this may have given reason for this acquisition of Stobs by Andrew (Dan) half brother Gavin, bother of Horseleyhill, now of Horseleyhill, Baillillie and Stobs.

Clemenitis Hob moved back down with Archie Keen (keen; wise literate knew Latin) son of Gavin the Clark (his father Gavin maybe the one referred to as Clark, it was a way of distinguishing the name) brother to Gavin (step)father of Gilbert. The Horseleyhill people, given the lands of Redheugh could support the Redheugh family, such as Martin Elliot of Braidley, between Gorrenberry and the Hermitage Castle acquired for the brother of Archibald Douglas Earl of Angus from his brother William, of the Barony of Cavers, the Horseley people symbolized on their shield by the stag head of king/st Elwald bones at Hexam Abbey were of Gorrenberry, an moved north towards the land of the Hume; Wolflee, Douglas of Cavers, Scott of Branxholm/Buccleuch, and the Gledstanes of Collifort Hill from Cowlaw to Hummilknows between Hawick and Stobs, east of the lands of the Ker of Cessford, and Ferniehirst.

When Andrew (Dan) father to Clementis Hob and half brother to Archie Keen would come to Gorrenberry to visit family Archie and Clementis had to protect him when people noticed the sounds he was making because nearby Braidley was Douglas Barony of Cavers land at one time, so they made up the story of The Cowie, and the Adam Ellot family, moving onto the land, now of John Scott, laird of Gorrenberry, which they had conflict with they carried the story of The Cowie with them.

This land is a part of my family heritage, and the Armstrong, and Buccleuch knows by protecting and preserving this land preserves it for all future border families around the world to return to and enjoy, but if vandalized by industrial wind farm corporate   encroachment the increasing numbers (because of extended genealogical family knowledge and values, if no wind farm) who return to view there homeland with a background of wind turbines, may leave messages with tears in their eyes for other border reivers it is not worth returning because by allowed  corporate vandalism, of the most historical border antiquity the Hermitage Castle you are not welcome to your Scottish Border Homeland.

Please support the Clan Armstrong Trust Ltd.


Windy-Edge-Cowie of Gorrenberry view

Cowie’s proposed view from where  his ancestral home was;  the horn of Gorrenberrry;

Dod Fell   Hermitage turbines


Cowie’s man from “La Mancha”.

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