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Addition; Archeis Hob (Robert Ellot)



Given addition correction and adjustment 7/21/2015

Given from George Francis Scott Elliot;

Robin father to Gavin


Shows a Robin (Robert) is the father of Gavin.

Given from;

Arthur Francis Augustus Boswell Eliott;


It is felt that the first sons of Gavin of Stobs are adopted nephews of Archeis Hob brother to Archeis William and Gavin. That Gavin Baillie to Bothwell adopted Gawenis Hob and William sons of Archeis Hob them, after death of father, so need to correct to the order which Arthur Eliott set, that Robert is the oldest of Robert, William, and Andrew, and supports that Andrew named his first son Andrew (the Cow) after himself and his second son Robert (Clementis Hob) after his father.

MSE above correction 7/21/2015

One would think the Elliot Clan chief would be happy since Buccleuch, and Gorrenberry installed Gilbert of Stobs and Redheugh into the chieftain.

Chieftain changes to Gilbert-Willaim-Gilbert of Stobs and Redheugh

But judge Buccleuch had to go ahead and have Gilbert’s old brother of the same mother a Maggie, beheaded, and maybe that is why the Chieftain is siding with the rivalry of the Scot/Scott the Ker/Kerr, all linked to Nothern British Windpower NBW, in support of Infinis, Windy Edge on land with Martin in Braidley his land to the north Braidley from that of a forest land 1376 of Braidley containing Lawis Superior (became without the trees New Braidley) and Lawis Inferior (Old Braidley).

Say the the Martin of Braidley does not stand for Braidley between the Hermitage Castle and Gorrenberry is like saying Infinis, Windy Edge wind farm, instead of Infinis, Hermitage Hill wind farm. Though technically correct quite deceiving.

Hermitage Hill is actually a law, a mound on a larger hill. The original Hermitage Hill is east by southeast, the nearest hill not a mound of a hill. So Lawis/Lawys, means Law’s of today’s Hermitage Hill. Roberti de Lawis in 1376 is likely Robert Elwald of Lawis, though surnames though one may have one for legalities, they were not used in 1376, but locality was.

Information from Robert Bruce Armstrong; History of Liddesdale….

Locus Croysar, listed under valleys in 1376, meant that the valley was defined by a people referred to as Croyser (cross carriers-French-Norman). Croyser was not a surname of these people but the name of a group which most likely later on of this region took on the surname of Crosar then Crozier. They migrated north to the foot of Cokelaw estate of the Gladstanes (Gladston are strong today in Liddesdale), which is as the south end of Collifort (a hill with law and knows which extends from Stobs to Hawick on the east side of the road, and had forts on the mounds which had collieries; coal operation, the southern most fort above Stobs that of Coklaw had coking ovens for making steel/iron, and water power for mill of river on west side of road flowing into Hawick). The Crosier moved north to the northern end of the Gladstane property of Collifort Hill between the Buccleuch Scot to the west and the Douglas of Cavers to the east, to Hummelknows, gentle knows/mounds, not sharp, of the Gladstane estate.

Surnames have localities of origin where the density is the highest and for the name Elliot it is around The Hermitage Castle, which strongly indicates that the surname Elliot evolve from people of Lawis (of the mound) north of The Hermitage Castle, and up the Hermitage Water, and the south of The Hermitage Castle down the Hermitage Water, in a treed schaw region and if one belong to this region of trees the would be of Schawis; of the trees. Of the law/mound (Lawis/Lawys) north of the Hermitage Castle and of the schaw/trees (Schawis/Schawys). To be the ones living around the castle these would be the soldiers of The Hermitage Castle which first became the Elwald then Ellot then Elliot of the region. Migration of the ones living north of the Hermitage would be to the north into the lands of the Buccleuch Scot, Caver Douglas, and Collifort Hill Gladstane, north of Stobs south of Hawick.

criminal trail slaughter of Laird of Hassindeen David Scot

slaughter of Hassindene 1564 David Scot

Need a bunch of cowboys not from Kansas anymore to instrument and Antiquities act for the United Kingdom, so when industry goes after Aristocrat like Buccleuch pertaining to a centuries old Ker-Scot feud to usurp him of the power of protecting which his family has been protecting for more than for centuries THE HERMITAGE CASTLE, may be the United Kingdom needs some cowboys as wild as the Armstrong and Fairbairn which are also still today protecting the border’s historical antiquities with The Clan Armstrong Trust from industrial environmental rape.

Here’s your cowboys from Kansas, into where four United States of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah meet to protect your United Kingdoms Antiquities through an US Antiquities Act of 1906. They may not be as wild as you think they are because the are Quakers, like Daniel Boone (Ulster Scot) and Annie Oakley of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show were.




William of Hartsgarth married Jane Rutherford

William Ellot of Hartsgarth marries Jean Rutherford.

Jean Rutherford of William Ellot of Hartsgarth

Francis Ellot Jean Rutherford William Hartsgarth

William Ellot of Hartsgarth husband of Jean Rutherford receives a portion of Gavin of Stobs estate.

Archeis Will in Gorrenberry

William Ellot; Archeis Will, brother to Gavin of Stobs is in Gorrenberry.


William Ellot heir of William Ellot of Horsleyhill

William Ellot receives land of William Ellot of Horsliehill, son of Archeis Wll, but being of Horsliehill is of his uncle Gavin of Horsliehill and Stobs, and known as Gawenis Will. Though oldest of the Goranberry/Horsliehill Williams inherits estate of Gawinis Will.


Mark Elliott    4/27/2015

Helen-Meggie Kidd addition;

Gilbert is of and Ellot of Lariston, with mother a Scot of Buccleuch.

On the 1590 the Ro; Ellotts (Robert Elliot) family was of Lariston.

Gilbert is the son of Robert Ellot of Redheugh/Lariston, and Jean Scott sister to Buccleuch.

Liddesdale 1590 (2) Liddesdale 1590 (3)

Meg-Helen Kidd (1)

William Ellot of Lariston is the first son of mistress Meg Kidd, and Robert of Redheugh/Lariston, noted Gilbert is the second son.

Meg-Helen Kidd (2)

Robert of Redhuegh/Lariston did not live far from Meg Kidd.

Gavin bailee to Bothwell of Horsleyhill, purchased land named after his position, near the Scott up north Teviotdale, called Baillillie, and for the first son of Gilbert named after his brother executed in 1607, Gavin purchased Stobs. William which is also an important Gorrenberry/Horsleyhill name.

Meg-Helen Kidd (3)

Meg-Helen Kidd (4)

Mark Elliott   6/13/2015

Dad, asked Germany? Son, said yes. 8-25-2013;

Dad, asked Germany, Son, said yes. 8-25-2013

1. Alan Elfwald of Norfolk, E Anglia ca 1250 (near Gresham)
2. Robert Elwald of Norfolk/Rimington, Lancashire.
3. Robert 2
4. Robert 3
5. Robert 4
6. Robert 5
7. Robert 6
8. Robert 7
9. Robert 8
10. Robert 9
11. William Elwald of Gorrenberry
12. Robert Elwald (Archeis Hob) of Gorrenberry (adopted by uncle Archibald)
13. Andrew (Dand the Cowie) Elwald of Horsleyhill
14. Robert Elwald of Stobs/Gorrenberry (Clementis Hobs)
15. Dan-Daniel Ellot/Elliot/Elliott of Scotland/Tullykelter Fermanagh
16. Robert Ellot Tullykelter
17. Daniel Ellot/Elliot of Ulster/Massachusetts
18. Daniel Elliot Salem Trials
19. Johnathan Sr
20. Johnathan Jr
21. John
22. Comfort
23. Sherburn Amando
24. Amando Wilcox
25. Mark
26. Loren Spencer
27. Mark S. Elliott

Mark Elliott   the 27th generation (2015-1250)/26 is about 30 years per generation.

Mark S. Elliott    7/25/2015

Are the WELSH the truest Brits? English genomes share German and French DNA – while Romans and Vikings left no trace;


MSE 7/22/2015

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