Gorrenberry Elwald Ellot Family Tree

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Gorrenberry Tree

Gorrenberry Family TreeGorrenberry-Family-Tree11

Archibald Elwald third son of William of Gorrenberry raised sons of William, known as Archeis Will, and Archeis Hob (Robert), as his own sons;

Why the first son William Elwald did not raise his children and the third son Archibald Elwald took on the task;

The Minority of King James V, 1513-1528

William Kevin Emond
A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of PhD University of St Andrews in 1988;


His reference (pg 210 top line) to the Elwald being Elliots;

families of Elwald of Redheugh, the Elliots,

(pg 227 bottom)

government’s supporters recorded some success in their fight to remove the
threat of the Armstrongs and their allies. William Elwald and John
Gledstanis were taken by Lord Maxwell who received the escheat goods of Sir
Robert Gordon of Glen worth about £2000 as a reward on 22 March. The
likelihood that the capture of traitors would lead to violent deaths caused
the Bishop of Aberdeen’s protest about the blood of the Liddesdale men not
being on the heads of the spiritual Lords who could not pronounce judgement
of death in such cases “anent their conscience”.
148 ADCP 143, 22 Mar. 1519. Sir Robert Gordon of Glen had had a longrunning
dispute with the Bishop of Galloway (in his capacity as
commendator of Tongland) over his failure to pay the teinds due to
Tongland Abbey – ADC 32 ff.18-19v, 23 Nov. 1518; f.57v, 10 Dec.;
ff.61-2, 13 Dec.; intercalated folio and f.84 – the decreet arbitral;
ff.132v-133, 16 Mar. On the last occasion Gordon was found guilty of
illegally deforcing a royal messenger.

Leases 1586, by Francis Earl Bothwell to Martin Ellot (Elliot) and son Sym, of Braidlie. Though a Gavin baillie (land administrator to Patrick Earl of Bothwell) may have acquired land near Buccleuch in Treviotdale, Martin lived on the lease land of Bothwell, at Braidlie between Gorrenberry and The Hermitage Caste. Having land which Martin may have named after the Liddesdale land in Treviotdale, of Braidlie, Martin Ellot on least land in Liddesdale being owner of land in Treviotdale called Braidlie, could now be called Martin Ellot of Braidlie, and Martin’s Braidlie though not the placed he lived could be mapped in Treviotdale, and this would be carrying out a traditional deception by Redheugh, linked to the Scottish Border Council.

Scotts of Buccleuch (1)


It should be noted that the father of Gawinis Will, and Gawinis Hob, William and Robert Ellot raised by uncle, Gawin baillie to Bothwell, whose occupation his acquired land of Baillillie is named after, shows that the father of what became Gawinis Will, that of Elder Will, the Tod seem to die early and that is why brother Gawin took over as being the father to his oldest brother William, raising the sons of William, Robert, and Andrew.


Gavin the Clark (clerk of Horsleyhill) purchased Stobs for his (step) grandson the first son on Gilbert (Gib  of Stobs/Redheugh (Hartsgarth), that of William of Stobs.

Gavin the Clark raised his nephews William and Robert, known as Gavinis Will and Gavinis Hob.

Addition; Archeis Hob (Robert Ellot)



Given addition correction and adjustment 7/21/2015

Given from George Francis Scott Elliot;

Robin father to Gavin


Shows a Robin (Robert) is the father of Gavin.

Given from;

Arthur Francis Augustus Boswell Eliott;


It is felt that the first sons of Gavin of Stobs are adopted nephews of Archeis Hob brother to Archeis William and Gavin. That Gavin Baillie to Bothwell adopted Gawenis Hob and William sons of Archeis Hob them, after death of father, so need to correct to the order which Arthur Eliott set, that Robert is the oldest of Robert, William, and Andrew, and supports that Andrew named his first son Andrew (the Cow) after himself and his second son Robert (Clementis Hob) after his father.

MSE above correction 7/21/2015



Sons of Will;

Archeis Will, Acheis Hob, and Gavin (unlike Will and Hob nephews of Will, Gavin is the son of Will, with sons Gavin and Archie Keen)  the baillillie (legal administer; caretaker of deeds/sasines) to Bothwell.

Archeis Will, and Hob are uncle Archibald’s William and Robert.

Added 5/16/2015


Should be noted that staying with Andrew (Dand) at Baillillie’s first son Dan the Cow Burgess of Selkirk, a Dand could of been looking after Gib (Gilbert) stepson to Gavin Ellot and Jean Scot;

Gib Ellot Dandis Gib

Andrew would be the younger to William and Robert, and on land of Baillillie acquired by Gavin Elwald baillie (land administrator) to Patrick (Hepburn) Bothwell, and it is felt that Andrew on this land raised his nephew son Jean Scot sister to Bothwell, married to Gavin of Horseleyhill, Baillillie and Stobs (bought for first son of Gilbert, William). The reason Andrew raised Gilbert, because he is the second son of Meg Kidd, of Hartsgarth, which son first son of Meg Kidd became William of/in Hartsgarth. So Gilbert was not the biological son of Jean Scot, but her first husband Robert of Redheugh, Mistress.

Robert of Redheugh did not exactly get along with Buccleuch, and wanted to had an intentions to murder him.

Scotts of Buccleuch (3)


Though the Redheugh line was the line of the chieftain, and Gilbert being born of Redheugh, but of Hartsgarth, it is felt that Gilbert who married a Margeret (Fendy) Scot, cousin to Buccleuch,  Gavin purchased land of Stobs for his first son named after Gilbert’s oldest brother deceased William of/in Hartsgarth, and the oldest of the Gorrenberry/Horsleyhill line named William also the Redheugh line was transferred from Redheugh to Hartsgarth/Stobs.



Gilbert’s  son William received Gavin’s land of Stobs, and William’s son Sir Gilbert received these land of Stobs, and from Gilbert of Redheugh/Horsleyhill to William of Stobs to his son Sir Gilbert, the line of today’s Stobs/Redheugh chief comes from.

Sir Gilbert heir to William son of Gilbert


One would think the Elliot Clan chief would be happy since Buccleuch, and Gorrenberry installed Gilbert of Stobs and Redheugh into the chieftain.

Chieftain changes to Gilbert-Willaim-Gilbert of Stobs and Redheugh

Land of Redhuegh, Larriston and others acquired from Angus; Archibald “Bell the Cat” Douglas fifth earl of Angus, in the fifth century was being made invalid by Buclleuch, in the seventeenth century; 

But judge Buccleuch had to go ahead and have Gilbert’s older brother of the same mother a Maggie, beheaded, and maybe that is why the Chieftain is siding with the rivalry of the Scot/Scott the Ker/Kerr, all linked to Nothern British Windpower NBW, in support of Infinis, Windy Edge on land with Martin in Braidley his land to the north Braidley from that of a forest land 1376 of Braidley containing Lawis Superior (became without the trees New Braidley) and Lawis Inferior (Old Braidley).

slaughter of David Scot

Say the the Martin of Braidley does not stand for Braidley between the Hermitage Castle and Gorrenberry is like saying Infinis, Windy Edge wind farm, instead of Infinis, Hermitage Hill wind farm. Though technically correct quite deceiving.

Hermitage Hill is actually a law, a mound on a larger hill. The original Hermitage Hill is east by southeast, the nearest hill not a mound of a hill. So Lawis/Lawys, means Law’s of today’s Hermitage Hill. Roberti de Lawis in 1376 is likely Robert Elwald of Lawis, though surnames though one may have one for legalities, they were not used in 1376, but locality was.

Information from Robert Bruce Armstrong; History of Liddesdale….

Locus Croysar, listed under valleys in 1376, meant that the valley was defined by a people referred to as Croyser (cross carriers-French-Norman). Croyser was not a surname of these people but the name of a group which most likely later on of this region took on the surname of Crosar then Crozier. They migrated north to the foot of Cokelaw estate of the Gladstanes (Gladston are strong today in Liddesdale), which is as the south end of Collifort (a hill with law and knows which extends from Stobs to Hawick on the east side of the road, and had forts on the mounds which had collieries; coal operation, the southern most fort above Stobs that of Coklaw had coking ovens for making steel/iron, and water power for mill of river on west side of road flowing into Hawick). The Crosier moved north to the northern end of the Gladstane property of Collifort Hill between the Buccleuch Scot to the west and the Douglas of Cavers to the east, to Hummelknows, gentle knows/mounds, not sharp, of the Gladstane estate.

Surnames have localities of origin where the density is the highest and for the name Elliot it is around The Hermitage Castle, which strongly indicates that the surname Elliot evolve from people of Lawis (of the mound) north of The Hermitage Castle, and up the Hermitage Water, and the south of The Hermitage Castle down the Hermitage Water, in a treed schaw region and if one belong to this region of trees the would be of Schawis; of the trees. Of the law/mound (Lawis/Lawys) north of the Hermitage Castle and of the schaw/trees (Schawis/Schawys). To be the ones living around the castle these would be the soldiers of The Hermitage Castle which first became the Elwald then Ellot then Elliot of the region. Migration of the ones living north of the Hermitage would be to the north into the lands of the Buccleuch Scot, Caver Douglas, and Collifort Hill Gladstane, north of Stobs south of Hawick.


slaughter of Hassindene 1564 David Scot


United Kingdom need some cowboys as wild as the Armstrong Fairbairn to put in an Antiquities Act, because the power of industry is being allowed to destroy the antiquities such as the Hermitage Castle by placement of a wind farm by a company out of England; Infinis Windy Edge with support of the aristocratic Kerr, that of the clan chief and Cessford; Duke of Roxburghe aligned with the Elliot Clan Chief link to a traitorous Scottish wind firm that of Northern British wind farm. Nothing good can come from extending the Kerr Scott feud, it is time the borders need to link across the border from west to east from Graham to Armstrong to Ker to Hume to Fairbairn, and many others still living there and those placed in English Plantation which would like to visit a historic border, not one of industrialization destroyed by border feuding and play both sides but from one realizing like Buccleuch and Northumberland (mixed up with pre Scottish/English; Danish-Scandinavian nation of Northumbria) we borderers are of both sides.

Here are your cowboys protecting the antiquities of the United States.



They “are not from Kansas anymore” and do not hold it against them that they are Quakers, Daniel Boone (Ulster Scot) and Annie Oakley of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show were Quakers also.


William of Hartsgarth married Jane Rutherford

William Ellot of Hartsgarth marries Jean Rutherford.Jean Rutherford of William Ellot of Hartsgarth

Francis Ellot Jean Rutherford William Hartsgarth

William Ellot of Hartsgarth husband of Jean Rutherford receives a portion of Gavin of Stobs estate.

Archeis Will in Gorrenberry

William Ellot; Archeis Will, brother to Gavin of Stobs is in Gorrenberry.

William Ellot heir of William Ellot of Horsleyhill

William Ellot receives land of William Ellot of Horsliehill, son of Archeis Wll, but being of Horsliehill is of his uncle Gavin of Horsliehill and Stobs, and known as Gawenis Will. Though oldest of the Goranberry/Horsliehill Williams inherits estate of Gawinis Will.

Mark Elliott    4/27/2015

Martin Ellot of Braidley, lives in Northern Liddesdale;




One can see a William Elwald of Gorrenberry is associated to Walter Scot of Edschaw (Branxholm/Buccleuch), and Rudolph Ker and his brother Walter of Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe -Ker);




As with Mangerton previous to the above when Robert of Redheugh was infeft (received) lands, and that is why no Armistrang-Armstrong in above, Buccleuch (Edschaw/Branxholm) received at the direction of Archibald (Bell the Cat) Douglas the lands of Mangerton, the estate of my family of Gorrenberry was lost to the Buccleuch Scot family, feel this was at the time of The Union of the Crowns, when granddad Dand Ellot (Daniel Elliott in Ulster) was banish from both kingdoms in 1607-8,


Braidley, MacPatrikhope, and the Gorrenberry, Elwald are of the Gorrenberry Estate and lived in the region of the Proposed, Infinis, Windy Edge wind farm, the Braidlie proportion which is still being proposed.




It is felt that lands on the west side were of the original Gorrenberry Estate. Archibald “Bell The Cat” was asked to pass his lands, and why Robert Elwald gained Redheugh, and William  Douglas of Cavers gains lands around The Hermitage Castle, it is a this time over five centuries ago, Buccleuch took on the responsibility of The Hermitage Castle,

1469-70 David Scot of Buccleuch and son Walter, given governance of the castle of Hermitage.

with a the lands of Schawis (south of Castle), Braidlie and Braidlie Burn promised. Patrick Hephburn, Earl of Bothwell gained these land from William Douglas of Cavers. It is felt at the time Bothwell left ca 1593, Buccleuch gained these lands of Braidlie, Braidlie Burn, (McPatrikhope) and Schawis,

(Archibald Douglas to brother Wm Douglas of Cavers, to Bothwell; Patrick Hepburn then 1693 felt to Buccleuch. It should be noted that Buccleuch lands of Gorrenberry 1630, includes these lands plus lands of the William Elwald/Ellot family of Gorrenberry.

1470 Schaws, Braidlie, McPatrickhope to Wm Douglas.


and at the time of the Union of the Crowns when granddad Andrew (Dand/Daniel) Ellot/Elliott, was banished from both kingdoms, ca 1607, the land of Gorrenberry were combined with Braidlie/Braidlie Burn, and John Scott, of Buccleuch family, claimed these as The Gorrenberry Estate.




Proposed Braidlie Array;



One should note; Though the page is changed, the plan turbines are still for the region Martin Ellot/Elwood; acting Elwald/Ellot/Elliot clan chief of the Redheugh family lived as a tenant on Bothwell land in what was reference in 1376   Robert Bruce Armstrong “History of Liddesdale…” as being of the Foresta of Braidlie and known today as the the region of Braidlie.


5-23-2015 Infinis Windy Edge

Mark S. Elliott     5/24/2015

Recent Map of Braidlie Array



Above map does not seem to show towards west Gorrenberry/Bradlie region.

Gorrenberry Farm, Near Newcastleton, Scottish Borders. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. Report No. 1909.

So with Braidlie Array super imposed;

Gorrenberry Farm Archaeology map

Gorrenberry Farm, Near Newcastleton, Scottish Borders. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. Report No. 1909.

Information pdf;


MSE   5/27/2015


One would think after five centuries; after granddad, Dand Ellot. Scotland was banish from both kingdoms in 1607 and became Daniel Elliott of Ulster, and after you fight to save King Charles, which Buccleuch is descended from, and grandson of Dand Ellot/Daniel Ellot (in America became Elliot ca 1650) put in jail and indentured to the American Plantation, one would not have to put up with these relatives anymore.

As one can see in the above, granddad, William Elwald (Ellot/Elliot) of Gorrenberry, Walter Scott of Edschaw (Branxholm/Buccleuch) and the Kerr brothers of Cessford (Roxburghe), Rudolph, and Walter, the Buccleuch (married to a Kerr) Scott, and the Cessford Ker are still feuding, along with Redheugh this time. William Elwald of Gorrenberry is assisting his brother Robert Elwald 10 in receiving land, of Redheugh, Lariston, Hartsgarth, and other.

Now the Kerr have the aristocratic Eliott joining them. The Eliott of Redheugh and Stobs.  All linked to Northern British Windpower (NBW).



Yes, you aristocratic, Kerr, chiefs of Clan Kerr and Clan Elliot, along with Cessford a -Ker; the Duke of Roxburghe, yes , you beat out another borderer trying to protect the borderlands, that of Duke Northumberland.  NBW  could claim that Scotland beat out England, and now you have to be traitor to Scotland, and support the desecration of the major border antiquity The Hermitage Castle, by a firm from near London, that of Infinis.

Duke of Roxburghe, Northern British Windpower (NBW),  Fallago Rig windfarm.



Duke of Roxburghe, Northern British Windpower (NBW) , Fallago Rig windfarm.



It is easy to tell the traitors, because they are not riding with the Armstrong; the strongest Scottish army of all time and army strand along the Liddel Water referred to at in 1376 as the Armystrand, they in 1541 were referred to as of the army strong or the Armistrang, then in the 1800 when their shield was place on the holm; a long flat bank near  a miln/mill, on top of a Christian cross identified as such with the letters IHS the burial of Armystand II, the shield added about 1880 with the strong arm on it, as the Armstrong know one is identified with their shield, the Stobs/Redheugh shield identifies me because I go by measurement and on the shield of the Elwald, times referred to as Elwand there is a Scottish Edinburgh stander of measurement of length an elwand/elnwand/ellwand on the Redheugh-Stobs shield.

Today along with many Ker, Hume who did not like a wind farm near Hume Castle, Scott, and many others which are of the borders, in protecting our major historical antiquity and supporting The Clan Armstrong Trust along with Buccleuch which has for centuries been protecting, preserving and renovating The Hermitage Castle, and it is felt borderers around the world do not want to travel thousands of miles (kilometers) to see industrialization of the Infinis, Windy Edge wind farm.

Google; Hermitage Castle wind farm, and read the first one then go to images and read the first three. Today I am proud to say; I am a United Kingdom Armstrong.

Mark S. Elliott 5/28/2015

Meg (Meggie, Helen) Kidd attachement;

Gilbert is of and Ellot of Lariston, with mother a Scot of Buccleuch.

On the 1590 the Ro; Ellotts (Robert Elliot) family was of Lariston.

Gilbert is the son of Robert Ellot of Redheugh/Lariston, and Jean Scott sister to Buccleuch.

Liddesdale 1590 (2) Liddesdale 1590 (3)

Meg-Helen Kidd (1)

William Ellot of Lariston is the first son of mistress Meg Kidd, and Robert of Redheugh/Lariston, noted Gilbert is the second son.

Meg-Helen Kidd (2)

Robert of Redhuegh/Lariston did not live far from Meg Kidd.

Gavin bailee to Bothwell of Horsleyhill, purchased land named after his position, near the Scott up north Teviotdale, called Baillillie, and for the first son of Gilbert named after his brother executed in 1607, Gavin purchased Stobs. William which is also an important Gorrenberry/Horsleyhill name.

Meg-Helen Kidd (3)

Meg-Helen Kidd (4)

Mark Elliott   6/13/2015

Dad, asked Germany? Son, said yes. 8-25-2013;

Dad, asked Germany, Son, said yes. 8-25-2013

Thirteenth Century;

1. Alan Elfwald of Norfolk, E Anglia ca 1250
2. Robert Elwald of Norfolk/Rimington, Lancashire.
3. Robert 2
4. Robert 3
5. Robert 4
6. Robert 5
7. Robert 6
8. Robert 7
9. Robert 8
10. Robert 9
11. William Elwald of Gorrenberry
12. Robert Elwald (Archeis Hob) of Gorrenberry (adopted by uncle Archibald)
13. Andrew (Dand the Cowie) Elwald of Horsleyhill
14. Robert Elwald of Stobs/Gorrenberry (Clementis Hobs)
15. Dan-Daniel Ellot/Elliot/Elliott of Scotland/Tullykelter Fermanagh
16. Robert Ellot Tullykelter
17. Daniel Ellot/Elliot of Ulster/Massachusetts
18. Daniel Elliot Salem Trials
19. Johnathan Sr
20. Johnathan Jr
21. John
22. Comfort
23. Sherburn Amando
24. Amando Wilcox
25. Mark
26. Loren Spencer
27. Mark S. Elliott

Mark Elliott   the 27th generation (2015-1280)/26 is about 28 years per generation, less than 30, but felt to be lower in value because of the first sons of the Robert Elwald 1-9.

Mark Elliott  7/21/2015

Are the WELSH the truest Brits? English genomes share German and French DNA – while Romans and Vikings left no trace;


MSE 7/22/2015

Slaughter of Hassidene (Hassendean);


William Elwald of Gorrenberry, was one of the first with landholders, Scot of Edschaw, son of Buccleuch, and Ker of Cessford (Roxburghe), to see that Robert Elwald becomes of Redheugh, Lariston and Hartsgarth with other lands.


William Elwald of Gorrenberry and it is felt brother Robert receiving lands of Gorrenberry rode under the stag’s head of King/St Elwald, bones in Hexam Abbey. After receiving these lands the Robert Elwald of Redheugh the tenth Chief line until Gilbert of Stobs, created a shield with and elwand on the bend, and at times the Elwald were referred to as Elwand, meaning a people who do things by measurement, since and Elwand is the Edinburgh standard of length in the 16th century.


Archibald (Archie Kene) son to Gavin the Baillie to Bothwell lived. They said he was to young to be decapitated. The older brother to Gilbert; William Ellot bastard son to the deceased Robert of Redheugh, was decapitated.  Gilbert joined Buccleuch later on, but named his first son William, it is felt in remembrance of his older brother. Son of Gilbert and Margaret Fendy, the grandson in which Gavin acquired Stobs for from the Gladstanis, estate.

Slaughter of Hassidene (1) Slaughter of Hassidene (2)



Mark S. Elliott  8/10/2015

Incorrect spelling from an English/non Scot speller records name as Elliot, where correct Scottish spelling during 1570 is Ellot.

Ellott Elliot 1570 (3)

Ellott Elliot 1570 (4)

From same book showing Scottish spelling;

Ellott Elliot 1570 (1)

MSE  8/11/2015

Clarification 9/23/2015;

William Elwald of Gorrenberry on the Redheugh deed/sasine, had three sons; William, Robert and Archibald.

Archibald was looking after nephews Archies Hob, and Archies Will, likely older brothers to Gavin, which takes care  of nephews of Archies Hob; Gavinis Hob and Gavinis Will. Gavins Hob first son is named after his uncle which raised him which is Gavin, then the next after his brother. Gavin’s baillie to Bothwell first son is Gavin the Clark (clerk), and his second son is Arhic Kene (wise knew Latin).

There is and Andrew young brother to Gavinis Hob and Will, hidden to the north by the Buccleuch Scott family on land acquired by Gavin the baillie and named after his profession, Baillillie. Gavin the baillie  also acquires land for his step grandson, father living with Andrew named Dands Gib or Gilbert which he marrieds into the Buccleuch family and has a son named William in which the land of Stobs was purchased for. So the line of Stobs goes Gavin, Gilbert, William then Sir Gilbert, though purchased for William because of Williams circumstances in the Buccleuch family of Charles II during the English Civil War he was short lived, because the Cromwellian Parliamentarians won. It should be noted that Arthur Eliott, records a David in the line. Most always a David recorded by hand is always a Dand and alias at the time for Andrew.

MSE   9/23/2015




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