Elk knows The Wald (forest)

Like those fathers of fathers before  me, they went forth, with concept of there own beliefs though others may not believe in my father’s father I do.

It is like the chromosomes of the German elk going back to ancient homeland, trace myself along my chromosomes to my ancient home lands.



Ellwood Elliot Y-DNA

Kerr Kjrr marsh dweller


The Elchwald, (Elwald, Ellot) & Kerr are marsh dwelling elk (moose), so guess I get to be as bull head and chase my ancestral pass back like the German elk(moose) of the wald(forest).

elk defined;



Area of the elk, showing where they are reentering, Germany.

European Elk (moose) range


Bec, as known as Beck Hall, as one on can see is moated/moted in.

Bec Beck Hall Robert Elwald map


The name Alan may have developed out of  Croyland, said to be the original region of the Elwald/Ellot/Elliot.

Croyland, land of many names;

Croyland of many names

Croyland is fenland marshland;

Croyland crude or muddy land fenland

Croyland is land of Danes;

Fenland Croyland Crowland Danish


Croyland of the Elwald-Elliot;


Croyland the region of Alan&Elfwald;

Aldano filio Alfwald Alan son of Elfwald

First Alan Of Bec-Beck Hall;

Alfwold Elfwold Elfwald

First Robert Elwald of Oulton;

Robert Elwald of Oulton 1290

Alan father of Robert Elwald;

Robert Elwald of Remyngton Rimington, Lancashire, son of Alan

Stag Head Family Symbol;


Ælfwald sceat/coin with stag head;


Elwood/Ellwood Crest of Yorshire/Cumbria onto Wm of Horsleyhill crest;



Ellwood coat of arms Yorkshire

Has stag’s head.

Coin/sceat minted, and Ellwood/Elwood which became Gorrenberry/Horsleyhill Elwald/Ellot, coat of arms, from Yorkshire.


Ellwood/Elwood/Ellot/Elwald coat of arms is similar to old ker/kerr Ferniehirst coats of arms.

It should be noted that the elk(moose) was extinct from the British Isles way before the Elwald (Ellot), and Ker/Kerr set foot on the island. This gives reason to use a stag head instead of and elk (moose) head and to use the word elf instead of elk.

Can the elk of the wald; Elliot find their way back to Germany?



Mark S. Elliott     8/20/2015




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