Daniel Elliot; Otter Neck-Salem Village to End

Farmingham becomes a town in 1700.

Daniel travels.

 Otter Neck;

Daniel Sr moves to Boston, Daniel Jr and Hannah (Anna) Elliot remain in house indentured Daniel Sr built at Otter Neck and attended the Sudbury Church;



Stone's End Otter Neck map

Plan of Framingham Plantation 1699

Interactive Map and Download

Author: Temple, J. H., (Josiah Howard)
Publisher: Town of Framingham, Mass.
Date: 1699
Location: Framingham (Mass.)

Dimensions: 62 x 65 cm.
Scale: Scale not given
Call Number: G3764.F7 1699 .T4x

The unnamed houses in the Salem End Region are felt to be of the Elliot and Town families, which moved onto Oxford, MA.

Elliot and Town familes Oxford, MA

New Oxford map



Framington, Salem End region;

Peter Cloyse Salem End Rd


Peter and Sarah Cloyse house; 

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Otter Neck is a neck of land on John Stone’s land near were he built a mill.

People of Otter Neck attended Sudbury Church.



Otter Neck which becomes Framingham in the vitals it shows Daniel and Hannah has son Daniel.

Framningham Outer Neck, Salem's End births.

Salem's End Otter Neck

Salem End Rd Otter Neck



Salem Village  Danvers

Daniel and Hannah move on to Salem Village to be with Hannah’s father Peter Cloyse and stepmother Sarah Town Bridges Cloyse.

They have one child born;


And, dies in 1690, recorded among those who died at Casco Bay, by Rev Samuel Parris;




But Danvers/Salem Village history;


Daniel Elliot inserted in error likely from incorrect transcription of Rev Samuel Parris’ records on deaths.


Hobbs spector is blame for the death of Hannah-Anna Elliot’s child in Salem Village;



Salem End

Hannah and Daniel move on with families refugees of the Salem Trials, on to land supplied by Thomas Danforth, Salem End.


In Salem End they attended the Church of Marborough;

Salem End is Marborough Church 1695


Other children born before the forming of Farmingham, were born in Salem End where family attended the Church of Marborough;

Framningham Outer Neck, Salem's End births.

Recorded today in Framington Births.

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    Whoever wrote what is on this website, please contact me. I am a descendant of Peter Cloys and his first wife, Hannah Littlefield, and would love to know more about information you have about the Cloys (Cloyce, Clayes, Cloise) family. Thanks.

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