Daniel Elliot immigrant did not die at Casco 1690

Danvers (Salem Village) History;

Danvers History

The above from The History of Danvers  pg 36, states;

In 1690 Godfrey Sheldon, Daniel Elliot, Thomas Alsob, Edward Crocker, and George Ingersoll were killed, most of them at Casco Bay.

Samuel Parris’s Record of Death at Salem Village (Danvers)

Parris's Record of Deats at Salem Village


Shows Godfrey Sheldon killed by indians, a son of Daniel Elliot born 26, of April 1689, died, and;

Thomas_______, Edward Crocker, and George Bogwell (not Ingersoll though likely died) killed at Casco.

Danvers records killed at Casco in 1690


Maine Historical Society; Thomas Cloice and Seth Brackett killed.

Danvers (Salem Village) Records; Alsob (Could be Thomas____, or Thomas could be Cloice/Cloyse), Edward Crocker, and George Bogwell.

Seems; Godfrey Sheldon, Thomas Cloice, Alsob, Edward Crocker, and George Bogwell died at Casco.

George Ingersoll alive in 1694

It must be George Bogwell which died because George Ingersoll was alive in 1694.

In Salem vitals;


Salem Births Elliot 1689


Salem deaths 1690

Daniel Elliot had a son which was born Apr 26, 1689, and died July 16, 1690.

ScreenHunter_628 Jan. 17 21.36

Show the spectra of Wm Hobbs is blamed for the death of Anna (Hannah) Elliott’s child.  So Daniel’s wife Hannah had an unnamed baby which died in 1690.

Daniel Elliot did not die in Casco Bay in 1690, but they had a unnamed child born in Salem in 1689, and died in Salem in 1690, which was mistranslated, as a Daniel Elliot dying in Casco Bay in  1690.

Casco Bay Falmouth map

Map shows locality of people living in Falmouth, at Casco Bay.

It should be noted the George Burroughs, moved from Falmouth, to Wells, Maine and ministered to Daniel Elliot Jr’s family the Littlefields, and the Cloyses, only to be hung as the leader of all witches in the Salem Witch Trials.

Mark Elliott   1/17/2015


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2 comments on “Daniel Elliot immigrant did not die at Casco 1690
  1. Bill Elliott says:

    Could it not be argued that the Daniel Elliot mentioned in the 1848 (feel Bill means 1648) article as being killed by the Indians was in fact the father of the 1665 Daniel? Perhaps this Daniel lived outside of the Danvers area and therefore his name would not have been listed in Mr. Parris’s records.

  2. Linda Elliott says:

    I agree with Bill. He is listed in the Danver’s Records but was not a member of Mr. Parris’s church so there is no mention of him there. Also, young Daniel was behind in his tax payment to Mr. Parris so there were problems. I am surprised that Hannah (Anna) was not accused as being a witch.

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