Correction Ulster Scot (Scott) numbers 1630 muster.

When first searched in the 1630 Ulster muster roll, found only two of the name “Scott”, but the most prevalent name was “Scot”.  So here are the listing of the ones with the name “Scot”;

Scot (Scott) Ulster Muster 1630 (1)

Scot (Scott) Ulster Muster 1630 (2)

Scot (Scott) Ulster Muster 1630 (3)

As one can see there are quite a few “Scot” on the 1630 muster rolls of Ulster, Ireland.

To search “Scott” instead of “Scot” is like searching “Elliot” instead of “Ellot” in the Ulster 1630 Muster rolls.

As many of the Scot moved from the borders as any other reiving clan.

Mark Elliott    2/21/2015

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