Cored Ware language/culture of elk (moose) ?

The Elchwald (Elgwald, Elfwald Elwald Ellot Elliot), are referred to as elch/elk(moose) of the wald; forest, Ker is known as marsh dweller which an elk (moose) is.

They could have branched as Danes (way after in time the Corded Ware culture);


The Sceat of Ælfwald (of Elchwald) of Northumbria;


Has a stag’s head on the heads side, and a full horse on the tails side of the coin. So these were likely a people which rode horses to kill for food, whether it is an European elk, a Northumbria stag, or a border kye (cow) in reiving the Scottish Borderlands.


The European elk, is slow and relative easy kill, like killing a cow and sizable like a cow also. Of a size in order for the meat not to be wasted, must be shared with a sizable group.

They are expanding themselves into Germany, into their ancient lands approximately it seems where the Danes are known to branch.


Centum Language Migrations


It should be noted; Basically the land of the ancient European elk (moose), and the Corded Ware Cultures are overlap that of the European elk.

It is felt that the Corded Ware Culture ate European elk, and it is also felt they had and influence on the Germanic language.

Mark S. Elliott     6/9/2015

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