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It is felt that reiver surnames were evolve from the localities the reiver surnames were in 1891, with some migration for instance north in Scotland from the border at the time of the Union of Scotland and England, but border reivers basically cover the area of Northumbria with the exception maybe with some location in Cumbria south of the east end of the border.


Northumbria map


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Armstrong surname 1891 distributionArmstrong 1891 surname distribution


Carr 1891 surname distributionCarr surname distribution 1891

Kerr 1891 surname distributionKerr surname distribution 1891


PDF information on Clan Crozier;

Clan Crozier 1-6  Clan Crozier 7-13

Crozier 1891 surname distributionCrozier surname distribution 1891



PDF information on Clan Elliot, some of which excluded from Clan Eliott Wikipedia; Clan Elliot

Elliot 1891 surname distributionElliot surname distributio 1891





Hunter surname distribution 1891 (1)Hunter surname distribution 1891 (2)


Hunter surname distribution 1891 (1)Hunter surname distribution 1891 (2)


Scott 1891 surname distribution1Scott 1891 surname distribution


It is felt that the surname were at their localities previously to the placement of the Scottish-English border ca 1320, and the border line divided these families and the families wanting to continue their family relations on both sides of the border is what created the reiver.

M Elliott   11/9/2014

Only serious contention Arthur Eliott

The only serious contention remaining, which is favoured by some modern historians, ascribes the surname to the fairly common old Northumbrian christain name of Elwold or Elwald.

The Elliots; The Story of a Border Clan, Arthur Eliott 1986




They Elliots (Elwald/Ellot) were ancient neighbors of Mangerton, and sprund, as did the Armstrongs, from Northumbria…….
Chronicles of the Armstrongs (1902), James Lewis Armstrong MD


It should be noted the name Eliot does not give a Northumbria distribution.

Eliot-name-distribution-England-and-Wales-1891Eliot 1881 surname distributionElliot-distribution-NorthumbriaElliott surname distribution Elliot & Eliot sub


Elliot Elliott Armstrong and Fairbairn




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