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Windy Edge wind farm scheme rejected
29 June 2015 BBC
From the section South Scotland
Wind turbines
Councillors have refused plans for a wind farm south of Hawick due to concerns over its landscape impact.
Infinis UK wanted to put up nine turbines in the Windy Edge project north of Hermitage Castle.
The project had attracted more than 300 letters of opposition, along with more than 100 in support of the scheme.
Planning officials recommended refusal, saying it would be “incongruous and anachronistic”. Councillors voted by six to two to reject the proposals.
Supporters of the scheme claimed the turbines would have less of an impact on the landscape than forestry, and that it would help combat climate change.
Opponents believed there would be adverse visual impacts on areas like Hermitage Castle and the wider landscape.



Clan Armstrong Trust today is the only group, especially the UK Armstrong, which your family were able to save from the destructive powers of the monarchy during The Union of the Crowns, which caused a great displacement around the world, of family of Scot, Ker, Ellot, Home, Armistrang, Bell, Johnston, and many others which were of both sides of the border, when the border was placed across their families, many times before surname adoption.

For other families this created a sense of Scottish, and English nationalism, which would cause historical distortion, of ones family’s origin being of Scotland only. Today this border feud seems still be going on as with the feud between the Ker and Scot is still going on.

Your, relative Northumberland lost because he was English, but first of all he’s a borderer, like borderers are still borderers true out the world, and the place from which the been displaced is still considered their Scottish homeland, and the greatest symbol of this Scottish homeland is The Hermitage Castle, which the Buccleuch family has been preserving and renovating over the centuries.

With land base family’s which in preservation of these lands like for border people such as the Armstrong which were tenants the Buccleuch family has always down more then it’s part in preserving and looking after the Hermitage Castle.

The United States has had an Antiquities Act since 1906, which has preserved and protected our national historical antiquities, in which people around the world come to the United States to visit. This protect antiquities such as Chaco Canyon National Historical Park from industrial encroachment such as the proposed obscurely named Windy Edge (less obscurely named would be Hermitage Castle) Wind Farm of a firm from near London named Infinis.

In their border feuds, borderers no how to reiver the border, to make themselves look Scottish when they are really supporting the English. Buccleuch you and I, along with the Armstrong and other border clans of both sides of the border have a difficulty in playing both sides. Buccleuch like your relative Northumbria we picture ourselves as of both sides of the border, and not of one side or the other. With Scotland voting for Union, which is better to pit onside England against Scotland and Scotland against England, or to be of both sides of the border?

Have a tendency to group, and the chiefs of today’s Elliot and Kerr Clan, and Cessford which aristocratically a head and is a -Ker better known as Roxburghe (Duke of) all are associated with North British Wind Power (NBW) and the chief of Clan Elliot has links to MI6 and corporately today leads NBW. Knowing a person like to be kept covert able to alpha numerically code this individual as MI6NBW.

Like the Armstrong and many Scandinavians which utilize the father in adopting the surnames; Fitzgerald; son of Gerald, McDonald, son of Donald, Anderson; son of Andrews and son on, and can be seen with the difference in surname distribution patterns such as Dennis being English, and Dennison being Scottish, researching down my Y-DNA, am honoring my fathers.

The father Arthur Eliott being a second generation genealogist like myself has done excellent research which has very much complimented research down by the Armstrong in there Chornicles a collective from various Armstrong edited by James Lewis Armstrong, and the documented works by Robert Bruce Armstrong on the history of Liddesdale, and surrounding regions.

Today’s Clan Elliot history as found online does not recognized the brethren to the Elwald/Ellot as Arthur Eliott previous chief was able to do. Guess people must think we are incorrect in our analysis in bringing our families together after a half of a millennium, the Arthur Eliott and myself Mark Elliott son of Loren, are incorrect when we both agree that there a dual origins of the Elliott, one of the St German Alyot the would be based on French Norman Barony naming of Wm de Alyot of Southern France, and the other of the Anglo-Christain name Elwald/Elwold which became Elliot and still remains Elliot in the United Kingdom, because in the United States people know they are mainly of a Scottish origin and been separated, from England since 1776, at the time of separation they added an extra “t”, other nation such which have not be separated from England for as long a period still retain the Elliot spelling.

Numerically it is quite obvious that the chief of the Kerr and Elliot Clans, and Cessford (Duke of Roxburghe -Ker) are up to their old game of feuding with the Buccleuch-Scot, but making it look like it is not coming from them, but having Infinis, of the Windy Edge Wind Farm do it.

Simply if the chiefs of the Kerr and Elliot Clans, and the Cessford have being showing support, and not standing against the English firm Infinis then they are supporting a desecration of the English Infinis firm.

The Kerr, like which Philip Kerr, chairman in opposition of Chester Infinis Wind Farm and most the Kerr excepting the aristocratic Kerr feuding with the Buccleuch Scott are now showing there opposition to desecration of historic border antiquities such as the Hermitage Castle, the Home/Hume which Elwaldlaw is near that linked to a John Elwald, which witness with a Jacob Crosar about 1425 the squire of a Douglas, receiving land of Wolflee (Wolflee and Minto as said to be of the Elliot today), and this Hume family helped Matin Ellot family to resettle in Ulster, did not like a wind farm placed near their castle so they to are in support of protecting and preserving the Hermitage Castle. With the Armstrong as and army strand along with the Liddell along the Liddel water, the Ker protecting their valley Kerhope, from at the foot at Kerhopefoot and up their valley of Kerhope, and the Hume and the Fairbairn protecting the eastern border the whole border is protect, and even the town of Hawick knows what an impact as the genealogical research of families around the world and more people finding their homeland as being Scotland and not wanting to show a prefer to visit other regions because people feuding with the Buccleuch promoted destruction to the historical environment by induction of a modern industrial virus to historical settings that of a wind farm.

As this genealogical knowledge base grows and more a more people find their roots in Scotland, I really want people to know that the people of North British Windpower, chiefs of Clan Elliot and Kerr, and Duke of Roxburghe, supported this desecration of their greatest historical antiquity of their homeland that of The Hermitage Castle.

Mark Elliott/Elliot/Ellet/Ellot/Elwald/Elfwald    4/4/2015



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