Buccleuch and Redheugh; Buck & Maggie

Buck and Maggie,

Don’t you think everyone deserves a Cowie of Gorrenberry?

I know the Cowie has not shown for centuries to help the family out, but I think it is about time.

Adam Elliot, the Cowidas of Schaw, south of the Hermitage Castle, on land of William Douglas of Cavers, sold to Bothwell, kept the Cowie story a going after my many great granddad, Clementis Hob’s, Andro alias Dan became Daniel in Tullykelter, Fermanagh, Ulster, Ireland with assistance of the Hamilton family married to Gilbert’s brother Robert of Redheugh.

Both of you given;


Richard Scott, 10th Duke of Buccleuch
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Richard Walter John Montagu Douglas Scott, Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KBE DL FSA FRSE (born 14 February 1954) is the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry, as well as Chief of Clan Scott. He is the senior patrilineal descendant of James, Duke of Monmouth (9 April 1649 – 15 July 1685), the eldest illegitimate son of King Charles II and his mistress, Lucy Walter.

In 2013, The Herald reported that the Duke was Scotland’s largest private landowner, with some 280,000 acres.
Marriage and family
In 1981, he married Lady Elizabeth Marian Frances Kerr…………….

Seems like both your lines run out by The Union of the Crowns, and English border history may not be to reliable as your families go.


Maggie, need to get your Stobs line done, not happy with my family’s aspect of it. It has to do with a highly qualified second generation genealogical researcher on the Elliot Clan line be the name of Arthur Eliott,  your father which worked along with his mother.

William Elwald of Gorrenberry brother to Robert Elwald 10 which obtained the lands of Redheugh, Lariston, Hartsgarth and others, and placed and elwand on the bend of the family arms, showing these people were elwandis, guided like a surveyor by measurement.

William had sons Will, Gavin, and Archibald.

Will had sons raised by uncle Archie, Acheis Will, and Acheis Hob,

and a son name Gavin.

Acheis Will had sons named Gawenis Will, and Gawenis Hob, raised by uncle Gavin, and he also had a son Andrew, Dand, alias Cowie of Gorrenberry, which the Scot family looked after because he was accused of being in on the slaughter of Hugh Douglas. When he would visit family in Gorrenberry to protect him they would make up a story of a Cowie.  Andrew had two sons Andrew; Dand the Cow Burgess of Shelkirk, and Clementis Hob raised by his uncle Clement Crosar which lived at the foot of the Gledstanis Coklaw estate in Stobs, and may have been referred to as Cokis Clem at times.

Previous to the slaughter of David Scot of Hassendene the land of Baillillie, named after the occupation of Gavin who was the baillie, the person which acquired land for Bothwell. Though Gavin is of the Gorrenberry family he acquired the land of Horsleyhill, Baillillie, and Stobs, and Stobs was purchased for the son of Gilbert, that would be William, where the name Eliott comes from.

Though my family is of Gorrenberry it is William Elwald of Gorrenberry’s, third son Archibald which had a Gavin baillie to Bothwell, which had sons Gavin the Clark (Clerk), and Archie Keen, which established Stobs (staked out region) for the Eliott family.

Robert 15th married a Jean Scot, sister to Buccleuch, then had a Robert who married a Marion Hamilton, living at Lariston, built a tower for his mistress Meg Kidd and had William in/of Hartsgarth, and a Gilbert.

Gilbert is felt to be raised by Andrews first son Andrew and referred to as Dand’s Gib.

Gavin married the widow of Robert 16th sister to Buccleuch, that of Jean Scot. Gilbert was not liked very much, but the Walter Scot family took a lot of literary license to make him not appear like the rest of the family. That would be my family’s line of Clementis Hob, which they seem to add an extra paragraph on the Thieves of Liddesdale for. Gavin and Jean raise a number of children which were not theirs, including Gilbert. When Gilbert married Maggie Scot alias Fendy (capable and resourceful), he purchased land of Stobs for his first son William.

The name Gilbert would normally be the name of the first child, but Gilbert named his first child after his older brother with acceptance that William for the Gorrenberry/Stobs family was like Robert for Redheugh.

William at first was for the Parlimentarians, and made a family name change from Ellot to Elliot, but after what the Parlimentarians were doing with the forces of Scotland, he became a Royalist in support of King Charles II, like my family with the Anglian Episcopalian Hamilton family of Ulster were and like the Buccleuch family would be also, and the William Elwald family from near Cottingham in East Riding Yorkshire were also.

In William’s case the Cromwell war taxes would have taken his land, and for the family to retain the estate he commited suicide. So today for the Stobs Eliott, and following the examples of your father Arthur Eliott the name is spelled Eliott indicating support to the Royalist.

My family in supporting the Royalists ended up jailed in London and indentured to Cromwellian Puritans in the American Plantation.

Gavin and Jean did not get along with the Robert of Redheugh line, Jean’s mother-in-law, so Gavin and Jean though Robert 16th would follow in line to become the Clan Chief, made son William short lived passed onto to his son Gilbert the clan chief. So it is basically, the Gorrenberry-Horeleyhill-Stobs line and the Buccleuch family which put Gilbert born of Robert 15th and Maggie Kidd his mistress into the position of clan chief.

So when Gilbert said to be the son of Jean Scot, but was actually the son of Maggie (Helen) Kidd, married a Margaret Scot there was no incest involved, and their family line was protected like you are from Helen Kidd’s curse.

Mark Elliott     5/18/2015



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