Archie Elwald to Ellot to Elliot Gorrenberry



Arthur Eliott eludes to the confusion which today’s Elliot/Elliott are having in the the inserted “i” making them of the St. German family of Eliot. The following link shows the confusion which Arthur Eliott eluded to in 1972 along with his mother especially applies to today’s clan Elliot posting on it’s early history;





The introduction of an ‘i’ into the name ‘Ellot’ was, without doubt, unfortunate. It immediately confused the Clan with the well-known English Norman family of St. Germains, settled in the West Country and South Wales and in no way related, whose name was derived from ‘Alyot’. And it confused still further the already indeterminate origin of those whose name was spelt with two ‘Ls’ and two ‘Ts’.

The Elliots; The Storey of a Border Clann
A Genealogical History
by The Dowager Lady Eliott of Stobs and,
Sir Arthur Eliott, 11th Baronet of Stobs
Pub Seeley Service & Co Ltd 1974

This writing is going to show a name change of an Archibald Elwald to Ellot of Gorrenberry across from Braidley. A Martin Ellot lead the Clan of Braidely, and nearby Gorrenberry rode with Martin, and Clan Armstrong. Though Braidley is located between Gorrenberry and the Hermitage Castle, on the clan map it is located in the northwest corner, of the mapped Elliot land;

Gorrenberry Region map


Pre Union land Elwald Ellot

In 1376 the area was of patches of trees of foresta;



Now the 1376 region of patches of trees has a planned Infinis, Windy Edge wind farm as proposed in map below.




Wind Edge, Infinis planned wind farm walk.

A wind farm advocate lives at Redheugh where Arthur Eliott lived. Could this misinformation help insure wind farm placement on Hermitage Castle Hill, or how it has been called by the Gorrenberry Elwald/Ellot; referred to as Lawis (of the hill).




Riding with Clan Armstrong Trust, are Duke of Buccleuch, Hermitage Action Group, and the Gorrenberry Elwald/Ellot.


In 1489 William Elwald of Gorrenberry, was one of the landholders that supported Robert Elwald receiving lands of Redheugh and Lariston with others.


In 1541 and Archibald Elwald, of Gorrenberry was accessed.




From Ellot like Arthur Eliott of Redheugh eludes to had an “i” inserted into it to become the English, St German name Elliot. Giving to separate lines.


Arche Ellot Kene of Gorrenberry


Arch Dand Clements


Arche Ellot Kene of Gorrenberry


Hermitage Castle Hill is where a proposed Infinis Windy Edge wind farm is to be placed near and above greatest UK historical border antiquity The Hermitage Castle.


Using Eliot/Elliot/Elliott surname distributions;


That letters where added to Eliot to make Elliot or Elliott, and to Ellot to make Elliot then Elliott.


In the UK it is felt that then name Elliott is of Eliot or Wm de Eliot (France) origins found in southern UK.

Eliot-name-distribution-England-and-Wales-1891English Eliot distribution

Which Eliot has a southern UK distribution.


It is felt that Elliot is Ellot with the inserted “i” as eluded pre proposed wind farm by Arthur Eliott, then being Scottish oriented.

Elliot 1881 surname distributionElliot-Northumbria-distribution

Which gives Elliot a Scottish old Northumbria basic reiver distribution.


Elliott surname distribution Elliot & Eliot subElliot-distribution-Northumbria

By using distributions one can see a Danish Scandinavian line as proposed by the Armstrong in The Armstrong Chronicles, and a William de Aliot (Eliot) distribution coming in from Breton (France).

Mark Elliott     11/22/2014

Windy-Edge-Cowie of Gorrenberry


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