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United Kingdom Armstrong please pass link to an Elliot;

What’s an Elliott of Clan Elliot?

Ælfwald derives Aelwald, Alwald, and Elwald which derives Allot, and Ellot.




Allot (allotment) for land means to subdivide.

Allot allot subdivide

Allot Allott name distribution

Allot, Allot, Alliott name distribution


Note the France of Aliot rates in the top five for Alliott.

The distribution of Allot, corresponds to the locality in which my Y-DNA entered the United Kingdom;

Northumbria DNA Danish map


Allot/Allott have a distribution where the Anglo-Saxon with personal name Ælfwald is Anglo-Saxon.



Yorks is the near location which it is felt the Y-DNA arrived.

Uses the same moto which the Elliot Can uses Fortiter et Recte;


Also uses a cubit arm in it’s symbolism;

Ell a Cubit

Which and ell comes from, in the above graphic, and elwand like the Elwand of Redheugh were called is placed on the table and used on the Stobs and Redheugh shield;




For the angles a compass was used. For the length a “fall” which is six “el” in length was used to measure the straight sides, along with a level declimeter, to make sure the fall was level, and good make sure of vertical, along with plumbs, during the sixteenth century.




Ardbirlet Kelly Castle Ellet Water PONT map 1583-1601




Name it Ellet/Ellot was means it travels through plots/patches of land, and Ardbirlet, means arboretum or orchard lots. In the Roy Military map below, one can see the polygon shaped farmlots, and the orchard lot where Arbirlot is at.



Name used in the Liddesdale region in the later part of the sixteenth century;

Grain Grayne of Ellot

Names Ellot/Ellott give dual localities, English and Scottish;

Ellot name distribution

Ellott name distribution

It is felt that Ellot/Ellott would evolve into the English Ellet/Ellett sometimes before becoming Elliot.

Ellet name distribution

Ellett name distribution

Distribution for Ellet/Ellett is English.

Mark Elliott 12/27/2014

Wm de Aliot of Aliot France;

Allot France

Eliot France




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