Ælfwald Aelfwald Alfwald Elfwald

Early development of the name Elwald seems it may have had it’s development in the Norfolk region of the United Kingdom.

Alanus Elwoldus of Bec 1248

Error correct Bec in not in Wakefield but in Norfolk;

Bec (Norfolk) (Hospital of S. Thomas at Billingford). Wm de Bec

Including some other information on Norfolk localities;

Johannes Eluald John Elwald South Creake

Attempting listing overall localities, and mapping;

Norfolk Suffolk

Grantham is said to be were the Graham are from, and in the Chronicles of the Armstrong;

Chronicles of the Armstrongs (1)

Croyland-Crowland seems to be and area which Elliot, Loumanes, Liddel, Armstrong, and Forester came from.

Scandinavian Settlement map

It is felt these people are felt given localities as being Scandinavian.

Northumbria DNA Danish map

Above map shows the number of with geographic locations, of my Y-DNA matching surnames Scarborough, Cave, and Gresham variants. This is a locality in which the Anglo-Danish arrived.

Localities of the 12-marker matches;

MSE U106 distribution

One can see that in the British Isles two thirds of the matches, are felt to be at localities in Scotland and Ulster were border Ellot where located to. On a per capita basis, it would be about 14.5  (Scotland and Ulster) to (Ireland and England). So the distribution is definitely Scots-Ulster.


Y-DNA for my U106 group seems to indicated entrance in to the east side of England.

Scandinavian place name map

One can see that Scandinavian place names seem to show the region of these people and a line of migration.

Elliot migration map Norman and ScandinavianElliot migration path map

The above map shows two migrations. The one from the south is of William de Aliot of France, and Elwald (Elfwald), from Denmark.

Mark Elliott   2/1/2015



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